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Welcome to The Lazy Crypto Investor. The site for crypto investment opportunities where you can let your money doing the work instead of working yourself for money.

There are many money making ways in the crypto world: holding, mining, trading, staking, ICO hopping and most likely many more if you are creative. They all have their merits and disadvantages and in the end they all compare to nothing if we talk Dividend Tokens because in a matter of speaking they do all the things above…. And you don’t have to do anything except purchasing!!

Like most people I’m rather lazy than tired having the choice and it’s no difference in my real life as in my crypto philosophy. I have explored a lot of ways in making my crypto fortune, before I discovered TaaS and after that, my crypto life completely changed (and my normal life following suit) and it fitted totally in my philosophy.

Investing in crypto companies that actually pay out parts of their profits in crypto is the way to go from here. At least for me. I stopped day trading, sold my beloved altcoins and mining rigs and converted it all to bitcoins and ethers and use those to purchase TaaS, Sift, Astronaut, Coss, Trueflip, Dice and others during ICO or short afterwards.

I mentioned a few tokens. After TaaS many more crypto dividend companies started or are starting and The Lazy Crypto Investor is trying to provide a complete overview with lots of information and calculators of all dividend tokens and keeping track of all the payouts.

Disclaimer: English is not my native language, grammar errors are hard to spot for me. Typo errors, I believe I have fixed most, but no doubt some slipped through. Contact me if you find some and I will fix it. I also give no advise on what dividend token you should invest that all depends on your own risk profile and interests. This site gives just an overview with lots of data.


All dividend profit sharing Tokens

The list below shows all dividend profit sharing Tokens I have worked out. More will follow (fast)

Title Borgias Capital Fund (BCF) is a closed-end crypto, forex, stocks and commodities hedge fund, built on an Ethereum smart contract. The fund invests and trades in the top 100 most liquid cryptocurrencies. The fund is pegged against USD...

Token Category: Hedge Funds

Next payout: Saturday June 30th 2018

Last payout: Tuesday December 26th 2017    $2.589058 per BCF

Title Astronaut Capital is a closed end crypto fund with a main focus on ICO investments, paying 50% dividend quarterly based on realized profit. • 50% of the fund is allocated for pre, active and post ICO investments. • 25% of the allocation is reserved for holding of existing highly liquid altcoins and/or cryptocurrencies such as Ethererum or Bitcoin...

Token Category: Hedge Funds

Next payout: Saturday June 30th 2018

Last payout: Saturday March 31st 2018    $0.000000 per ASTRO

Title Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) is a closed-end day-trading cryptocurrency and forex hedge fund based on volume analyses and proprietary trading algorithms with a proven track record over 10 years in forex. SIFT pays 85% generated monthly profit back to its investor...

Token Category: Hedge Funds

Next payout: Monday July 2nd 2018

Last payout: Monday June 4th 2018    $0.000000 per SIFT

Title Token-as-a-Service (TaaS) is the first-ever tokenized closed-ended fund (it was open for investments exclusively during the ICO phase. It cannot accept additional investments post ICO phase) dedicated to crypto assets, actively contributing to the development of the blockchain ecosystem and paying its token holders a quarterly 50% profit share...

Token Category: Hedge Funds

Next payout: TaaS Q5 dividend payout can be expected in the first week of August 2018

Last payout: Saturday May 12th 2018    $0.016385 per TaaS

Title XRCF is an ICO investing fund, that will invest in the seed stage and pre-ICO stage at a discounted token price in promising ICOs. The fund will also invest in marketing of the companies to create liquidity and push the price higher...

Token Category: Hedge Funds

Next payout: Friday August 31st 2018

Last payout: Friday June 1st 2018    $0.453400 per XRCF


Upcoming Dividend Payouts

BCF: Saturday June 30th 2018
ASTRO: Saturday June 30th 2018
SIFT: Monday July 2nd 2018
TaaS: First week of Aug 2018
XRCF: Friday August 31st 2018

Last 10 Dividend Payouts

2018-06-06$1.36450149 per BCF
2018-06-04$0.00000000 per SIFT / XSFT
2018-06-01$0.45340000 per XRCF
2018-05-12$0.01638456 per TAAS
2018-05-07$0.00511121 per SIFT / XSFT
2018-04-30$1.15256189 per BCF
2018-04-04$0.00592000 per SIFT / XSFT
2018-04-04$2.88134222 per BCF
2018-03-31$0.00000000 per ASTRO
2018-03-05$0.01958040 per SIFT / XSFT

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More tokens to be added

Off course more dividend tokens will be added. But it takes some time

Etheroll (DICE)
Coss (COSS)
Bankera/Spectrocoin (BNK)

CarTaxi CTX)
KuCoin (KCS)
Tria (TRIA)
Astronaut (Astro)
Trueflip (TFL)
Spectre (SXDT)
BitDice (CSNO)
Rasputin Online Coin (ROC)
Rialto (XRL)
DigitalDevelopersFund (DDS)
Target (TGT) (changed to buyback)
Iconomi (ICN) (changed to buyback)

There should be more tokens in the wild. Let me know if this list is incomplete. (You can find me in the SIFT telegram channel, just look at the pinned message).... contact page might also work already


Why you should buy Sift now!
why-you-should-buy-sift.jpgFri 8 Jun; Sift is still very cheap, it even gets dumped below NAV sometimes. These are mostly from impatient investors, and I can’t blame them because Sift is still not producing the minimal 4% profit per month which they saw as a minimum mentioned in the whitepaper...


After 1 year TaaS.
After 1 year TaaS. Sun 13 May; TaaS had an excellent start. First 3 quarters booked all 3 a nice profit and I never took much attention to it after a while. But after the results from quarter four I realized I'm not that happy about TaaS as a was before. How come?

SIFT made first payout to investors
SIFT made first payout to investorsSun 6 Nov; SIFT made his first payout to investors. After a month with a bit off onset problems due to liquidity problems and the uncertainty of USDT. Profit was lower than expected also due to Chinese FUD and markets moving sideways. But there was $21,289...

The Lazy Crypto Investor launched a site
The Lazy Crypto InvestorThu 24 Nov; After getting some very positive critics, complements and even a large donation with my Sift dividend page op Cryptospikes. Add up also the growing need of a good dividend token overview I experienced in several telegram channels I decided to create an entire website dedicated to crypto dividend tokens… And here we are!

Taas made first pay out to investors
Taas made first pay out to investorsMon 8 Aug; Taas made first pay out to investors. The Fund concluded its first quarter with earnings of 4,623,111.61 USD. Every Taas holder received 0,00140664640426012911004496244756 ETH per TaaS Token. Due to a rise in Ethereum at the time token holders received their share the 28 $cents a TaaS was close to 37 $cents...