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“Nice site.. but there is so much fake news out there, who are you to advise us.”

Fair question, but first of all I don't give advice I just collect the data. I’m also a bit of a newbie in crypto. Ignored tips from friends for years. Although I did look at some point at Bitcoin mining in 2014 but found it all to complicated at that time (and I have a degree in software engineering!). Shady software hard to find info. That last part I try to solve in this specific dividend token market.

The only advices I give:
• Do your own research before you invest, but that’s how you got here in the first place I believe.
• Don’t invest more that you are willing to lose.
• Don’t sell your house or take a loan. Crypto could very violent and your assets could lose over 50% overnight.
• If you buy tokens to hold… think about when you want to sell… Your Bitcoin (or others) are still worthless is you don’t cash out at some point.
• Dont panic sell based on news or following the hurd.
• Dont hold your crypto in exchanges, use exchanges to exchange! Exchanges can block wallets for ages for no reason and can fall or hacked overnight and you lose all....It has happend, just google Mt. Gox
• Read my articles if you are new in crypto. They are all from own experience. I learned it the hard way. You just have to read.


My Crypto Life

crypto daytrading

End last year (2016) I decided to not ignore and bought some Digibyte for like nothing. You had a million for less than 500 euros. Starting to research it, thought it had potential to grow big. I decided to hold for like 5 years and see. The big problem with the idea of holding that long… you start to look at market prices. First once a day and within a month at least once an hour. In the mean time you see al coins bounce up and down with margins way bigger than in normal markets. In the end in the big crypto explosion in May and June 2017 I saw my DGB rising to over 30BTC!!! and after that dropping back far and still not recovered. Could not stand the fall anymore and sold all.

Cashed out and bought a mining rig and started day trading. Mining rigs making a lot of noise and prices weren’t rising fast enough to compete with electricity cost and increasing difficulty and I sold them again. I must say I was quite successful in day trading, doubled my leftovers in a month and again the next month. But the hard part of day trading… it started to look like work… day trading is indeed trading all day with a 24 hr marked. I even caught myself waking up at night taking a look at prices and adjusted orders…. No healthy business.

Dividend Tokens

At that point TaaS came close to the world’s first hedge fund paying out dividend. Bought some and received a nice sum of dividend. A whole new world opened. I found out there were plenty more dividend tokens already in the market and some at ICO stage.

SIFT looked very promising to me and I joined their telegram channel, and became very active in that channel to a point that SIFT team hired me as community manager. You can find me there as Jelle @TheLazyCryptoInvestor (just look at the pinned message) . Off course I hold some SIFT In my portfolio.
Since than I had the dividend token virus. Just do nothing and receive dividend on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and also enjoy the value growth of the tokens. Way easier to hold when you receive a passive income from it.

You could say crypto changed my life. I got a job in this world and on a fast track to retire on passive income with my portfolio only containing dividend tokens… well at least to pay my bills and food…..not bad for that 500 euro investment a little over a year ago.



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