After 1 year TaaS.

After 1 year TaaS.

TaaS had an excellent start. First 3 quarters booked all 3 a nice profit and I never took much attention to it after a while. But after the results from quarter four I realized I'm not that happy about TaaS as a was before. How come?

I invested mainly in TaaS because of it's ICO investing. ICO investigation takes a hell off a time with so many scams. Also I'm no way a large investor to get in big in early ICO stages and pre sales. But at the end of Q4 less than 6 million (total fund around 30 million) is allocated in early stage ICO's and assets on hold and over 15 million in active trading portfolio and current assets (BTC, ETH and USD(T)).

With those amounts it's more of a holding / trading fund than a ico hopping fund (the main reason I invested in it) . And to be honest they are not doing a great job in the bearish market (like the first quarter of 2018, the quarter TaaS fund size decreased by 4 million, because they did not sell and or go short. Not going short in a bearish market makes TaaS for a large part a long term BTC an ETH holding fund, but that's is something I can do myself and not paying 25% fees over it, so my enthusiasm over TaaS has diminished something.

Off course it is very hard to say what exactly is in the active trading fund. It could be a big stack of ico holdings waiting for a good market price before selling off and we all have to be patient. It would be nice if TaaS was more transparent about it but they are not. The new audit tool is not clear enough (because is does add up the early contributions and assets on hold and to determine profit eligible for dividend those two numbers need to be split. Also the reserve fund is between 10 and 30% according to whitepaper, but in reality we only know afterwards how large the reserve fund really is, it will not be published anytime else.

Another concern is the only 25% fund growth. Unless we see more quarters as Q3 the fund growth (and token appreciation) will not go very fast. I'm not selling but have some reservations to buy more.


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