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2020-10-16 I'm Sorry to announce I will stop updating this site. When I started this website there where a lot of promising dividend sharing project and I expected way more to follow. But the reality is many projects have stopped, exit scammed or just did not deliver (enough). The effort and hours I have to put into it is not worth it anymore to continue. I will leave the site up for those who still want to do some research about running project and but I won't update it anymore.

Kucoin is still alive and does give about 2-3% annual roi

Bitdice we have not seen a report and dividends this year, sometimes on discord they claim to work hard on a new website... who knows

Bankera seem to have stopped paying dividends, last one was two months ago, the do have a debit card since a few weeks, but it seems not to work as you can't deposit crypto on it.
Spectre_D is still running and yields about 1-2% a year.
SIFT, is still not meeting its targets but I still have high hopes we will see them in Q4 or at least in Q1 2021.
TrueFlip still pays dividends but again I would have expected a way bigger yield on the gambling market.

ASTRO is also still running but it turned more into a long term crypto holding fund than a ico investment fund. Better hold tokens of your choice long term instead of paying them the fees for it. If you still have Astro, might keep it as well.

Tria has not paid divs for over a year and if they do again it won't be much. They seem to make a little profit at the moment, but I do not expect it to be very much in the future.

ROC no one knows, the webcams are still running, but info is scarce to non-existing. Last post an admin made in telegram was in July.
Etheroll. It does run and it does pay dividends although it's easy to forget to claim them as it is not automated and you have to claim them yourself. And if they make a loss, that loss has to be compensated before dividends can be claimed again. And they do have losing quarters. You may expect only two or three payments a year.

Nexo most likely will do annual dividends and they still pay you in Nexo tokens. And they buy them at the price when they announced dividends. But they pay the divs two weeks later. 3 out of 3 tokens where dumped before and a huge price drop before dividend day making the actual yields way lower. And I do not like the fact that you have to keep your tokens on their platform instead of your own wallet.
DDF and Target stopped their business and Target and Cartaxi have most likely exit scammed although they still have a telegram group if you are lucky enough not the get banned after asking awkward questions


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