SIFT made first payout to investors

SIFT made first payout to investors

SIFT made his first payout to investors. After a month with a bit off onset problems due to liquidity problems and the uncertainty of USDT. Profit was lower than expected also due to Chinese FUD and markets moving sideways. But there was $21,289.53 profit nevertheless. $10,644.77 was returned to investors.

With a total of 9,695 SIFT were held in exchanges. The $10,644.77 was worth 35.7560218 ETH at this same time, meaning the first dividend is 0.0000501581248088701102310953 ETH ($0.0149323575538740801216497911) per SIFT.

Team very hard working to solve this problems and are will purpose via a vote at the end of this month to also trade forex, so the fund can generate profit even at flat crypto markets.
This month 100K (from Logical Trading Systems, not the SIFT fund) will be used top trade forex to give investors an idea how much profit it will generate. When (the sentiment seems to a yes at the vote) investors vote “Yes” profit from the forex trades will be added to the fund and as a separate payout run paid to the investors.
I will vote “Yes”, I want to see the fund at work. Expanding to forex will generate profit even if no crypto trades are not happening due to flat markets or climax bars.


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