The Lazy Crypto Investor launched a site

The Lazy Crypto Investor

After getting some very positive critics, complements and even a large donation with my Sift dividend page op Cryptospikes. Add up also the growing need of a good dividend token overview I experienced in several telegram channels I decided to create an entire website dedicated to crypto dividend tokens… And here we are!

After I discovered TaaS and Sift my crypto philosophy changed completely. Doing nothing and no day trading stress or checking BTC and alt coin prices 20 times a day while I bought to keep for years. What a relieve.. Sit back receive profit payouts on a regular basis and still enjoy the benefits of long term token price raises as long as the companies I invested in run well.

I hope you will all enjoy the info on this website. A lot of articles if you are complete new in crypto and detailed info about all (I hope I can keep up) dividend tokens…. Or at least the better ones.


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SIFT made first payout to investors
SIFT made first payout to investorsSun 6 Nov; SIFT made his first payout to investors. After a month with a bit off onset problems due to liquidity problems and the uncertainty of USDT. Profit was lower than expected also due to Chinese FUD and markets moving sideways. But there was $21,289...


Taas made first pay out to investors
Taas made first pay out to investorsMon 8 Aug; Taas made first pay out to investors. The Fund concluded its first quarter with earnings of 4,623,111.61 USD. Every Taas holder received 0,00140664640426012911004496244756 ETH per TaaS Token. Due to a rise in Ethereum at the time token holders received their share the 28 $cents a TaaS was close to 37 $cents...


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