Crypto BTC/ETH/FIAT/Ticker Converter

Always wonder if you want to buy your alt bags in BTC or in ETH if you have the choice. This crypto BTC/ETH/FIAT/Ticker all in one converter below might help in showing prices in USD, FIAT of choice, BTC and ETH.

1 BTC7,346.00 USD6,756.41 EUR42.537219092188 ETH
1 ETH172.695870 USD158.835299 EUR0.023508824068 BTC
1 USD0.919740 EUR0.000136128467 BTC0.005790526438 ETH
1 EUR1.087264 USD0.000148007554 BTC0.006295829732 ETH

USD91.974000 EUR0.013612846729 BTC0.579052643776 ETH
100.000000 USD0.013612846729 BTC0.579052643776 ETH

BTC100.000000 USD91.974000 EUR0.579052643776 ETH
ETH100.000000 USD91.974000 EUR0.013612846729 BTC

Retrieve (market open) prices from the past.

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