The indicated annual dividend yield is the ration between annual payment(s) and the market price. The dividend yield is usually expressed as a percentage of the share price. It gives you information about how fast an investment is returned completely with dividend alone if ther is no token appreciation. A 100% yield does mean it will take you 1 year with the current market price and dividend to get your investment back with dividend alone.

When the market is in an overall decline, dividend yields will typically rise as stock prices fall, remember it is the direct ratio. Therefore, you should note the overall direction of the market when determining whether the rise or fall in a token dividend yield is attributable to stock market direction. If company fundamentals are strong, and over the long run the stock has performed well, such a price decline may be a good opportunity to pick up a well-paying dividend stock on the cheap.On the other hand, a stock that continually drops in value, or is in a long-term downtrend warrants caution

Indicated yields based on last dividends

 TokenAP Last Dividend  # P Market Price Yield 100% Roi 
4$0.0364566310.4642517431.41%3 years 3 months
12$0.27806375112.5280000026.63%3 years 9 months
4$0.0034086810.0514553626.50%3 years 10 months
4$0.0068823310.364049117.56%13 years 3 months
12$0.0232679514.618973556.04%16 years 7 months
52$0.0000311310.130092471.24%80 years 5 months

Indicated yields based last half year dividends

 TokenAP AVG Dividend  # P Market Price Yield 100% Roi 
12$0.64398342612.5280000061.68%1 years 8 months
4$0.0421034120.4642517436.28%2 years 10 months
4$0.0019754420.0514553615.36%6 years 7 months
12$0.0507446664.6189735513.18%7 years 8 months
4$0.0095877220.3640491110.53%9 years 6 months
4$0.0081922820.455660847.19%13 years 11 months
52$0.00008759260.130092473.50%28 years 7 months
12$0.0034117761.244658003.29%30 years 5 months

Indicated yields based on all dividends

 TokenAP AVG Dividend  # P Market Price Yield 100% Roi 
4$0.3997292150.45566084350.90%0 years 4 months
12$1.233876301012.52800000118.19%0 years 11 months
4$0.1042500040.37750126110.46%0 years 11 months
4$0.0063597430.0514553649.44%2 years 1 months
4$0.0368400650.4642517431.74%3 years 2 months
4$0.0257240730.3640491128.26%3 years 7 months
12$0.07869680104.6189735520.45%4 years 11 months
12$0.01454871121.2446580014.03%7 years 2 months
52$0.00008759260.130092473.50%28 years 7 months
Fictive yields based on smoking hopium (for most) and a $0.10 dividend per token
 TokenAP Last Dividend  # P Market Price Yield 100% Roi 
52$0.110.130092473,997.16%0 years 1 months
4$0.110.05145536777.37%0 years 2 months
4$0.110.36404911109.88%0 years 11 months
4$0.110.37750126105.96%1 years 0 months
12$0.111.2446580096.41%1 years 1 months
4$0.110.4556608487.78%1 years 2 months
4$0.110.4642517486.16%1 years 2 months
12$0.114.6189735525.98%3 years 11 months
12$0.1112.528000009.58%10 years 6 months


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