Nexo dividend payout Saturday December 15th 2018 $0.002945 per NEXO.

Dividend will be paid in Nexo tokens based on the NEXO/USD exchange rate of $0.104256 (Nov 30th)

Due to regulatory restrictions some Nexo holders wil be paid in BTC based on the BTC/USD rate of $4,017,27

Nexo tokens Need to be placed on the Nexo platform no later than 15:00 UTC on December 5th 2018

nexo Till december 2018 results and report

Payout date: Sat 15 Dec  
Profit: $3,040,236.67 
eligible for dividend: $912,071.00  
Base dividend: $911,120.11  
Loyalty dividend: (0.10425600%)$950.89  
#Tokens eligible: 309658705.00000000  
Base Div per token in USD : $0.00294541  
Base Div per token in Nexo: 0.02825168  
Interim reportTill december 2018
Dividend report: Till december 2018
The Loyalty div is depening on how long you have your Nexo tokens stored on the Nexo platform.

nexo Fund progress Till december 2018

This graph only shows the USDT loans. Fiat loads are roughly twice as big as the USDT loans
Updates are taken once a day from Nexolending. This is not an official Nexo website.


Nexo dividend payout Saturday December 15th 2018 $0.002945 per NEXO. nexo

There is a 10 day gap between the cuttoff day and the actual payment. Nexo dropped in price ($0.06736146 per token. If Nexo had bought the tokens on dividend day we would have recieved 0.04372541 Nexo per token
Nexo dividend Till december 2018
NEXO dividend with $3,040,236.67 profit 
1 NEXO 100 NEXO 1000 NEXO 10000 NEXO 
Nexo Dividend Yields
Dividend yields are the ratio between payment(s) and price.

Indicated Anual Yield
The indicated anual yield is the ratio between annual dividend and token price.
((last div * annual payments) / price) x 100%
Indicated yield dividend day price ($0.0674): 4.372541%
Indicated yield current price ($0.1000): 2.945407%
Indicated yield ico price($0.1000) : 2.945407%
Average Anual Yield
The avarage yield is the ratio between the dividend avarage of last 12 months and token price.
((avg dividend * annual payments) / token price) x 100%
Average yield dividend day price ($0.0674): 10.384102%
Average yield current price ($0.1000): 6.994883%
Average yield ico price ($0.1000): 6.994883%

What does a 2.95% yield mean? Simple you need 100 / 2.95 = 34 payments (34 years) with the same dividend to break even with the price mentioned. The higher the yield the faster you earn back your investement.
Prices major cryptos on dividend day

Crypto prices at dividend day Saturday December 15th 2018

Crypto Open price Low High Close Prev payout 
Last 25 Nexo Payouts
DateDividendIndicated Yield

Lifetime payout $0.01326909 per NEXO.
Average payout $0.00442303 per NEXO.

Lifetime Profit $31,498,757.53

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NEXO market value
Current NEXO price:$0.10000000
Price at dividend day:$0.06736146
Last dividend day:$0.10000000
NEXO icoprice:$0.10000000


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