TaaS dividend payout Saturday November 4th 2017 $0.335796 per TAAS.

TaaS capital gain of the period is in total 5,470,785 USD(T) equivalent. At the moment, TaaS total assets amount to 18 Million USD(T)

Expanded TaaS profitability indicators represent 0.3358 USD(T) equivalent payout per 1 TAAS, which was distributed with the fixed exchange rate of 310.9 USD(T)/ETH. Payouts were distributed on November 4, 2017. 0.0010802018098692036499377852 ETH per Taas

Full report can be found in the TaaS Medium Blog and another TaaS Medium Blog

I believe TaaS made an error in their calculations.
Gains: current assets $3,703,859.31 + gains concluded tge’s -$69,833.65 + gains active portfolio $1,836,759.09 + gains assest on hold -$501,721.41 = $4,969,063.34 and the report mentioned $6,435,658.33

It looks like they added the differences from current assets + conclude tge’s + active portfolio (= $5,470,784.75 (that’s the total profit amount mentioned in the report) and did not add up the difference in the assets on hold, but added the total amount assets on hold $964,873.58

Reaction from TaaS: "Appreciate your going deep into the math. The difference is related to reallocation within the group of assets named Assets on Hold / Uncompleted Transactions that took place in Q2: potential write-offs were successfully returned to the company, thus increasing the basis for the resulting Q2 payouts."

TAAS Q2 results and report

Payout date: Saturday November 4th 2017  
Fundsize at start period: $11,568,130.47 per TAAS $1.42
Fund at the end: $18,047,738.00 per TAAS $2.22
Fund at start new period: $13,944,549.44  per TAAS $1.71
Profit *: $5,470,784.75 (56.01%)
Fees: $1,367,696.19  
Fundgrowth: $1,367,696.19  
eligible for dividend: $2,735,392.37  
#Tokens eligible: 8146000.00000000  
Div per token in USD : $0.33579577  
Div per token in ETH: 0.00108020  
ETH price at div day: $300.00 ETH  
Monthly reportQ2  
Dividend report: Q2  
* Profit eligible for dividends are not determent by the difference between the end and starting NAV baseline, but the difference in current assets, active trading portfolio and conclude TGE's. The difference between early ico contributions, assets on hold and reserve fund does not affect the dividend determination.

TAAS balance Q2

Assets Baseline% vs totalReportdate% vs totalDifference%
Currents Assets (BTC,ETH,USDT)$3,752,610.6532.44%$7,456,469.9641.32%$3,703,859.3198.7%
Concluded TGEs$1,281,474.6611.08%$1,211,641.016.71%$-69,833.65-5.45%
Active Trading Portfolio$2,293,622.2419.83%$4,130,381.3322.89%$1,836,759.0980.08%
Assets on hold$1,466,594.9912.68%$964,873.585.35%$-501,721.41-34.21%

Total gains$8,794,302.5476.02%$13,763,365.8876.26%$4,969,063.3456.5%

Reserve Fund$1,356,886.9211.73%$2,562,429.6614.2%$1,205,542.7488.85%
Early Stage ico's$1,416,941.0112.25%$1,721,942.469.54%$305,001.4521.53%


Profit to be distibuted is based on the total gains (4,969,063.34) - assets on hold (964,873.58) = 4,004,189.76
Dividends 50% (2,002,094.88) and fees 25% (1,001,047.44)
Dividends and fees are paid from the current assets.
Next current assets baseline: $7,456,469.96 - fees - dividend = $3,353,381.40
Next NAV baseline: $18,047,738.00 - fees - dividend = $13,944,649.44

TaaS Fund progress during this dividend period

TaaS dividend Q2
TAAS dividend with $5,470,784.75 profit 
1 TAAS 100 TAAS 1000 TAAS 5000 TAAS 
TaaS Dividend Yields
Dividend yields are the ratio between payment(s) and price.

Indicated Anual Yield
The indicated anual yield is the ratio between annual dividend and token price.
((last div * annual payments) / price) x 100%
Indicated yield dividend day price ($4.6900): 0.000000%
Indicated yield current price ($0.7214): 0.000000%
Indicated yield ico price($0.8000) : 0.000000%
Average Anual Yield
The avarage yield is the ratio between the dividend avarage of last 12 months and token price.
((avg dividend * annual payments) / token price) x 100%
Average yield dividend day price ($4.6900): nan%
Average yield current price ($0.7214): nan%
Average yield ico price ($0.8000): nan%

What does a 0% yield mean? Simple you need 100 / 0 = INF payments (INF years) with the same dividend to break even with the price mentioned. The higher the yield the faster you earn back your investement.
Prices major cryptos on dividend day

Crypto prices at dividend day Saturday November 4th 2017

Crypto Open price Low High Close Prev payout 
Last 25 TaaS Payouts
DateDividendIndicated Yield

Lifetime payout $3.39007919 per TAAS.
Average payout $0.42375990 per TAAS.

Lifetime payout 0.00927370 ETH per TAAS.
Average payout 0.00115921 ETH per TAAS.

Lifetime Profit $12,451,161.74

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Rating: 2.7/5 (1780 stemmen)

TAAS market value
Current TAAS price:$0.72141965
Price at dividend day:$4.69000000
Last dividend day:$2.12000000
TAAS icoprice:$0.92921322


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