TRIA Q4 2019 results and report

Payout date: Sunday January 12th 2020  
Profit: $0.00 
Profit in ETH: 0.00 ETH 
Eligible for dividend: $0.00  
#Tokens eligible: 276000.80279900  
Div per token in USD : $0.00000000  
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Tria dividend payout Sunday January 12th 2020 $0.000000 per TRIA. tria

2019 has been a rough year for crypto, the crypto industry and unfortunately just like Q3, Q4 was no exception. The total market cap dropped from $224 billion to $190 billion (-15.17%), the altcoin market cap dropped from $72 billion to $60 billion (-16.66%). Throughout this quarter the market was moving sideways with low trading volumes, both things are unfavourable for our automatic trading software. We regret to inform you that there will be no profit share for TRIA Token holders this quarter.

On a side note, the first 15 days of 2020 has shown a lot of movement and trading volumes, we are happy to announce that our automatic trading software has already generated enough profit to cover the costs of January. Hopefully this will keep up the coming months.

Company year overview

Below you can find the recap of 2019:

Q1- Closed with a loss

Q2- Closed with a profit

Q3- Closed with a loss

Q4- Closed with a loss

In Q2 we were able to generate enough profit to cover the loss of Q1, unfortunately both Q3 and Q4 closed at a loss.

What does this mean for the company?

The cryptocurrency market is heavily affected by market conditions, 2017 and 2018 had very favourable market conditions. The consumer interest for cryptocurrencies was at an all time high and the same goes for volatility and trading volumes. This resulted in good profits in 2017 and 2018. These have been partly distributed to TRIA Token holders. The remainder was reserved as a budget for the company to ensure continuity. Since 2019 closed at a loss, Triaconta has used a part of the reserved budget.

We have chosen to let go of some of our team members and cut down on our monthly costs. With these lower monthly costs Triaconta has enough reserves to cover all expenses for the the whole of 2020 and even part of 2021. We are still convinced that it isn’t a question if the market will explode again, but when. We have everything ready to profit the moment it does, we just have to make sure that we are still alive and kicking at that point.

AMLD5 Regulations

In the coming months the AMLD5 will be implemented in the Netherlands. This legislation focuses on preventing money laundering, tax evasion and financing of terrorism. As it stands now this will lead to a registration requirement in the Netherlands with the DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank) for every cryptocurrency company operating in and from The Netherlands.

The requirements are high, because cryptocurrencies are deemed to be a significant risk in all three topics. As a result we have seen multiple cryptocurrency companies in the Netherlands close up shop and the other companies are fighting against these regulations. The reason for this is because the regulations will make it impossible for them to continue their operations the way they are doing now.

Triaconta as a company welcomes the new regulations. When we converted CombiCoin to Triaconta Bundles we designed our complete organisation with these regulations in mind. We probably will not have to change our operations to be able to comply and are currently finishing up our application papers for the registration at the DNB. We will keep you informed about this process.

Going forward

2020 started of promising with a lot of volatility and movement, hopefully this will be the year that the next bull run will come to fruition! Beside the potential bull run we see a lot of chances that the AMLD5 regulations will bring which we believe will bring Triaconta to the front as the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to buy cryptocurrencies and crypto bundles.

Tria dividend Q4 2019

TRIA dividend with $0.00 profit 
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Tria Dividend Yields

Dividend yields are the ratio between payment(s) and price.

Indicated Anual Yield
The indicated anual yield is the ratio between annual dividend and token price.
((last div * annual payments) / price) x 100%
Indicated yield dividend day price ($0.0000): nan%
Indicated yield current price ($1.0000): 0.000000%
Indicated yield ico price($1.0000) : 0.000000%
Average Anual Yield
The avarage yield is the ratio between the dividend avarage of last 12 months and token price.
((avg dividend * annual payments) / token price) x 100%
Average yield dividend day price ($0.0000): nan%
Average yield current price ($1.0000): 0.000000%
Average yield ico price ($1.0000): 0.000000%

What does a 0% yield mean? Simple you need 100 / 0 = INF payments (INF years) with the same dividend to break even with the price mentioned. The higher the yield the faster you earn back your investement.
Prices major cryptos on dividend day

Crypto prices at dividend day Sunday January 12th 2020

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Last 25 Tria Payouts
DateDividendIndicated Yield

Lifetime payout $0.82009835 per TRIA.
Average payout $0.04316307 per TRIA.

Lifetime payout 0.00145116 ETH per TRIA.
Average payout 0.00007638 ETH per TRIA.

Lifetime Profit $452,695.61

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Current TRIA price:$1.00000000
Price at dividend day:$0.00000000
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