TrueFlip Q1 2018 results and report

Payout date: Tuesday April 10th 2018  
Profit (Token Holder Fund Size): 16.000000BTC 
Unclaimed dividend: 7.828300BTC ($53,196.74)
Winning Number: 218  
#Tokens eligible: 8924667.00000000  
Base Div per MasterFlip ticket in USD : $1.22931197  
Div per MasterFlip ticket with ≤ 64 in USD : $0.61465599  
Div per MasterFlip ticket with ≤ 128 in USD : $0.86051838  
Div per MasterFlip ticket with ≤ 192 in USD : $0.98344958  
Div per MasterFlip ticket with ≤ 254 in USD : $1.29077757  
Base Div per MasterFlip ticket in BTC: 0.00017928BTC (@ $6,857.00 per BTC)
Div per MasterFlip ticket with ≤ 64 in BTC : 0.00008964BTC  
Div per MasterFlip ticket with ≤ 128 in BTC : 0.00012549BTC  
Div per MasterFlip ticket with ≤ 192 in BTC : 0.00014342BTC  
Div per MasterFlip ticket with ≤ 254 in BTC : 0.00018824BTC  
Financial Report:Q1 2018  

TrueFlip payout comments

Token holder fund: 16.0 BTC
Inflow in THF in 2018Q1: 1.0 BTC
46,787 Flip Coupons played in the draw
Paid out: 8.171703 BTC, 7.828297 BTC back to token holder fund
The winning number is: 218
Dividends are so small, due to rounding actual dividend may be slighty off than shown.

Performance current dividend periode

Current Tokenholder Fund: 16.0000 BTC ($108,727.04)

Base dividend would be (Fundsize / Total nr Tokens) * 100 = 0.00017928 BTC per 100 TFL (one MasterFlip ticket)
BetWinning changeWin MultipleirLoose MultiplierExpected Value
Nr ≤ 6425%1.5 (0.00026892 BTC)0.5 (0.00008964 BTC)0.000134458798 BTC
Nr ≤ 12850%1.3(0.00023306 BTC)0.7 (0.00012549 BTC)0.000179278398 BTC
Nr ≤ 19275%1.2 (0.00021513 BTC)0.8 (0.00014342 BTC)0.000197206237 BTC
Nr ≤ 25499.6%1.05 (0.00018824 BTC)0.95 (0.00017031 BTC)0.000188172287 BTC

dividend with 16.00 BTC fund size with bet number ≤ 192 and winning number 218
1 ticket25 tickets100 tickets50 tickets


TrueFlip Dividend Yields

Dividend yields are the ratio between payment(s) and price.
Keep in mind you need 100 TFL tokens for 1 dividend MasterFlip ticket. Yields are calculated for a single TFL token!
Indicated Anual Yield
The indicated anual yield is the ratio between annual dividend and token price.
((last div * annual payments) / price) x 100%
Indicated yield dividend day price ($0.8267): 5.948044%
Indicated yield current price ($0.2440): 20.148847%
Indicated yield ico price($1.3165) : 3.735198%
Average Anual Yield
The avarage yield is the ratio between the dividend avarage of last 12 months and token price.
((avg dividend * annual payments) / token price) x 100%
Average yield dividend day price ($0.8267): 2.520381%
Average yield current price ($0.2440): 8.537726%
Average yield ico price ($1.3165): 1.582726%

What does a 20.15% yield mean? Simple you need 100 / 20.15 = 5 payments (1.25 years) with the same dividend to break even with the price mentioned. The higher the yield the faster you earn back your investement.
Prices major cryptos on dividend day

Crypto prices at dividend day Tuesday April 10th 2018

Crypto Open price Low High Close Prev payout 
Last 25 TrueFlip Payouts
DateDividendIndicated Yield

Lifetime payout $0.10178193 per TFL.
Average payout $0.01017819 per TFL.

Lifetime payout 0.00000818 BTC per TFL.
Average payout 0.00000082 BTC per TFL.

Lifetime Profit $464,452.58

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Rating: 3.2/5 (867 stemmen)

TFL market value
Current TFL price:$0.24404612
Price at dividend day:$0.82670000
Last dividend day:$2.43878000
TFL icoprice:$1.31646238


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