Hedge Funds

All the funds involving in (day) trading, ICO hopping and other investments. Not necessarily linked to crypto, could be stock, forex or whatever, but all listed here payout in crypto to token holders.

Title Borgias Capital Fund (BCF) is a closed-end crypto, forex, stocks and commodities hedge fund, built on an Ethereum smart contract. The fund invests and trades in the top 100 most liquid cryptocurrencies. The fund is pegged against USD...
Next payout: Thursday May 31st 2018

Last payout: Monday April 30th 2018    $1.152562 per BCF

Title Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) is a closed-end day-trading cryptocurrency and forex hedge fund based on volume analyses and proprietary trading algorithms with a proven track record over 10 years in forex. SIFT pays 85% generated monthly profit back to its investor...
Next payout: Monday June 4th 2018

Last payout: Monday May 7th 2018    $0.005111 per SIFT

Title Astronaut Capital is a closed end crypto fund with a main focus on ICO investments, paying 50% dividend quarterly based on realized profit. • 50% of the fund is allocated for pre, active and post ICO investments. • 25% of the allocation is reserved for holding of existing highly liquid altcoins and/or cryptocurrencies such as Ethererum or Bitcoin...
Next payout: Saturday June 30th 2018

Last payout: Saturday March 31st 2018    $0.000000 per ASTRO

Title Token-as-a-Service (TaaS) is the first-ever tokenized closed-ended fund (it was open for investments exclusively during the ICO phase. It cannot accept additional investments post ICO phase) dedicated to crypto assets, actively contributing to the development of the blockchain ecosystem and paying its token holders a quarterly 50% profit share...
Next payout: TaaS Q5 dividend payout can be expected in the first week of August 2018

Last payout: Saturday May 12th 2018    $0.016385 per TaaS


More tokens to be added

Off course more dividend tokens will be added. But it takes some time

Etheroll (DICE)
Coss (COSS)
Bankera/Spectrocoin (BNK)

CarTaxi CTX)
KuCoin (KCS)
Tria (TRIA)
Astronaut (Astro)
Trueflip (TFL)
Spectre (SXDT)
BitDice (CSNO)
Rasputin Online Coin (ROC)
Rialto (XRL)
DigitalDevelopersFund (DDS)
Target (TGT) (changed to buyback)
Iconomi (ICN) (changed to buyback)

There should be more tokens in the wild. Let me know if this list is incomplete. (You can find me in the SIFT telegram channel, just look at the pinned message).... contact page might also work already

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