Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds

All the funds involving in (day) trading, ICO hopping and other investments. Not necessarily linked to crypto, could be stock, forex or whatever, but all listed here payout in crypto to token holders.

Title Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) is a day-trading cryptocurrency and forex hedge fund based on volume analyses.
Next payout: Sunday September 6th 2020

Last payout: Sunday August 9th 2020    $0.002666 per SIFT

Title Astronaut Capital is a closed end crypto fund with a main focus on ICO investments, paying 50% dividend quarterly based on realized profit.
Next payout: Wednesday September 30th 2020

Last payout: Tuesday June 30th 2020    $0.057700 per ASTRO

Title DDF is shutting down, see the latest newsletter DDF was established in 2010 as “Domain Developers Fund” and had a solid track record in domain investing. To expand, they held an ICO to add crypto currencies and other digital assets to their portfolio...
Next payout: DDF terminated its busines

Last payout: Tuesday October 1st 2019    $0.000000 per DDF

Title TaaS is a closed-ended crypto fund investing in ICOs and mid and long term crypto trading paying a quarterly 50% profit share.
Next payout: TaaS terminated its business

Last payout: Tuesday May 21st 2019    $0.000000 per TaaS

Title Target is a crypto hedge fund. But what they trade no one knows, how large the fund is, no one knows and it is not even clear what the circulating supply of tokens is and how many are eligible for dividend, no one knows. They changed from quarterly dividends, to monthly and after 2 months they changed to buy back (no one knows how many where bought back in total) for a few months and changed back to dividends again...
Next payout: No one knows when and if

Last payout: Monday April 8th 2019    $0.000000 per Target



All the Exchanges, trading platforms and Financial products like Credit Cards that pay out dividends over their gross income.

Title Coss
Next payout: Daily (when resumed)

Last payout: Tuesday January 7th 2020    $0.000002 per Coss

Title KuCoin is a crypto exchange and pays Kucoin Shares (KCS) holders daily dividend from their income on trading fees. Standard trading fees are 0.1% for maker and taker, but the more KCS tokens you hold the lesser it becomes all the way down to 0...
Next payout: Daily around 8pm UTC

Last payout: Sunday May 10th 2020    $0.000000 per KuCoin

Title Bankera is a more than any crypto-currency exchange as Bankera will in the future offer proper bank solutions such as IBAN accounts, payment cards, payment processing not only for cryptocurrencies but also for cash, payment cards etc...
Next payout: Tuesday August 25th 2020

Last payout: Monday June 8th 2020    $0.000000 per Bankera

Title Spectre is the world’s first broker-less financial trading platform with an embedded, decentralized liquidity pool owned by its investors.
Next payout: Sunday August 30th 2020

Last payout: Sunday August 23rd 2020    $0.000100 per Spectre-D

Title Holders of the TRIA token will receive 50% of the monthly profit that will be generated by the Triaconta smart trading software.
Next payout: Thursday October 15th 2020

Last payout: Thursday July 30th 2020    $0.000000 per Tria

Title Nexo
Next payout: Most likely Aug 2021

Last payout: Saturday August 15th 2020    $0.006995 per Nexo



All the tokens involved in blockchain Gambling

Title Established in 2014, BitDice is a profitably operating and presently the largest crowdfunded cryptocurrency casino where players can play dice, slots and blackjack games after depositing BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE or CSNO. The 2017 ICO was held to seek capital contributions from the public to transform itself into a new-generation platform for online gaming experience...
Next payout: Bitdice dividend expected in the 2nd week of July 2020

Last payout: Monday April 20th 2020    $0.000000 per BitDice

Title True Flip is a fair international blockchain lottery with several online lottery games. The underlying True Flip tokens allows their owners to participate in a
Next payout: Tuesday September 15th 2020

Last payout: Friday May 15th 2020    $0.020836 per TrueFlip

Title Etheroll DICE
Next payout: 1 Nov 2020 to 7 Nov 2020 You have to claim you dividend!

Last payout: Monday August 3rd 2020    $0.000000 per Etheroll



18+ blockchain projects

Title Where BigBrother and adult webcams meet you have Rasputinmansion.com. It’s the first crypto adult 24/7 live reality show in HD.
Next payout: Thursday October 15th 2020

Last payout: Wednesday July 15th 2020    $0.000000 per ROC


All other tokens with dividend

Title BE AWARE: Possible exit scam ongoing, read more at bottom of the page. CarTaxi is an Uber like tow trucks service for where people with broken cars can use an easy app to find the nearest tow truck. With (alleged) offices in San Antonio, Hong Kong and Moscow, CarTaxi is starting to radically change the outdated set-up in the towing services industry around the world (old dispatching methods that rely on human factors, and small to average clusters...
Next payout: Most likely never again

Last payout: Wednesday January 15th 2020    $0.000000 per CarTaxi

More tokens to be added

There should be more dividend tokens out there. If you now any that is missing here please use the contact page and let me know.

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