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Astronaut Capital is a closed end crypto fund with a main focus on ICO investments, paying 50% dividend quarterly based on realized profit.

ASTRO is a managed crypto fund utilizing the expertise of Picolo Research. (based on the investment principles of the mother company Piccolo Capital Corp) . Astronauts mandate is specifically geared towards gaining exposure to undervalued ICOs with a view to liquidate on a 3–12 month basis.

Since the ICO market has dropped significant during 2018 ASTRO is also looking for other ways to make the fund work. More mid and long term trading in undervalued and highly liquid altcoins and BTC.

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Astro Payout Structure

• 50% of ‘realised’ profits via Astronaut investment activities will be credited back to the token holder in ETH on a quarterly basis. ‘Realised’ profit is calculated by the difference between fund size at the beginning and end of a quarter minus the illiquid tokens (displayed as TUSD in portfolio).

• 40% of the profit will be reinvested into Astronaut, therefore expanding assets under management (AUM) and appreciating the token price of ASTRO.

• 10% of the profit each quarter will be used to fund the ongoing operation of Astronaut and its investment activities (legal, auditing, analysis). This management fee will only be taken if the fund passes the high watermark.

Dividend  Dividend  Dividend 
25% ($389,444.25)$0.0341 $2,500,000$0.2192 $28,518,740$2.50
15% ($233,666.55)$0.0205 $1,000,000$0.0877 $11,407,496$1.00
9% ($140,199.93)$0.0123 $750,000$0.0657 $5,703,748$0.50
5% ($77,888.85)$0.0068 $333,333$0.0292 $2,851,874$0.25
3% ($46,733.31)$0.0041 $150,000$0.0131 $1,140,750$0.10
1% ($15,577.77)$0.0014 $50,000$0.0044 $570,375$0.05

Astro dividend calculator

Astro dividend payouts are calculated by this formula ((Profit / 2) / 5703748.00000000 = payout per astro.
One part of the remainder (40% of the profit) goes into fund growth the other part (10% of the profit) is taken as management fees.

You can calculate what you would earn with your astro and also how many profit is needed to get a certain amount of profit sharing by entering the numbers below and press "Calculate".

Profit astro makes in a quarter $
Amount astro you own  
Total dividend you are aming for in a quarter$
Display currency  

Astro results current dividend period

Fundsize at start this dividend period: $1,557,777.00
Fundsize after last update: $1,792,038.97
Fund needs to exceed the : $3,557,569.00 highwatermark before fees will be taken

 Total FUMIlliquidNetto FUM (Liquid)
At start quarter$1,557,777.00$730,692.00$827,085.00
Net Growth  $266,180.47

Updates are taken once a day from Cointracking Portfolio (last update: 2020-10-16 02:24:02). This is also the place to see current portfolio. After Q1 2019 it turns out the tracking of illiquid tokens is not displayed proper $698,773.50 instead of $730,692.00 . Dividend calculations may be a bit off due to this

Astro return of investment

Current total profit this quarter: $266,180.47.
Related to fund at the beginning of this quarter ($1,557,777.00) Profit margin 17.09%

Current ASTRO Fund size

Total fund at the moment Astro NaV 5000 Astro  

Current profit for payouts ( $266,180.47 ) related to next dividend payouts

Based on current profit, this is what we will receive at next pay outs:
astro dividend with $266,180.47 profit:
1 Astro1000 Astro25000 Astro5000 Astro

To get a $1000 quarterly dividend you need 42,856 ASTRO tokens with $266,180.47 profit.
With 5000 ASTRO profit needs to be $2,800,000.00 to get a $1000 quarterly dividend.

Extrapolated profits over the quarter ( $34,370.51 ) related to next dividend payouts

Based on extrapolated profit, this is what we will receive at next pay outs:
1 Astro1000 Astro25000 Astro5000 Astro

To get a $1000 quarterly dividend you need 331,898 ASTRO tokens with $34,370.51 profit.
With 5000 ASTRO profit needs to be $2,800,000.00 to get a $1000 quarterly dividend.
ASTRO fund progress.
Astro all time progress
Lifetime Astro Performance (11 dividend periods).
Total Average 
Dividend Per Token$0.54610000$0.04964545
Dividend per Token in ETH 0.00061789 0.00005617
USD Value now if you kept the ETH$1.35275459$0.12297769

Astro profit breakdown
ASTRO Yields
Dividend yields are the ratio between annual payment(s) and price.

Indicated Annual Yield last dividend ($0.057700 per ASTRO)
The indicated annual yield is the ratio between annual dividend and token price.
((last div * annual payments) / price) x 100%
Indicated yield with dividend day price ($0.42):54.627219%
Indicated yield with current price ($0.24): 95.649070%
Indicated yield with ico price ($0.80): 28.850000%
Average Annual Yield ($0.017175 per ASTRO)
The average annual yield is the ratio between the dividend average of last 12 months and token price.
((avg dividend * annual payments) / token price) x 100%
Average yield with dividend day price ($0.42): 16.260355%
Average yield with current price ($0.24): 28.470932%
Average yield with ico price ($0.80): 8.587500%
Average Yield overall ($0.049645 per ASTRO)
The average yield is the ratio between the all time dividend average and token price.
((avg dividend * annual payments) / token price) x 100%
Average yield with dividend day price ($0.42): 47.001614%
Average yield with current price ($0.24): 82.297080%
Average yield with ico price ($0.80): 24.822727%

What does a 95.65% yield mean? Simple you need 100 / 95.65 = 1 years and 1 months with the same dividend to earn your investement back if you buy the tokens now with current price. The higher the yield the faster you earn back your investement.
ASTRO Performance vs BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH and NEO

Would you have done better investing in the big crypto coins instead of buying ASTRO?
Table below gives an overview if you had the choice to invest $1000 at the ICO ending or any given day.

Crypto Open price Nr coins for $1000 Current price Current $ value percentage%
ASTRO ICO price$0.80001,250.0000$0.2413$984.2484*-1.58%
* Dividend included (Value ASTRO + total dividend)
If you want to compare ASTRO prices form a specific date, just select one and click the 'Performance' button

My view on Astro

2019-03-08 A huge relief this week with the statement made by Astro CEO Matthew Dibb. Since the first loss in Q1 2018 a high watermark was mentioned. In later reports it became ambiguous if this high watermark only applies for management fees or also for dividends. Discussion on TG had led to a general consensus it only applies for fees. But it was never confirmed or denied by the team until this week: Matthew “dividends will be measured on a quarterly basis, and not via a High Watermark model. “

This is a huge difference with what I believed. I was under the impression the fund need to exceed high watermark before we could expect dividend again. With a high watermark of $3,955,180.22 and a fund size only $1,717,655.77 the fund needs to more than double before dividends. This could take a few years! But with this statement last week it makes Astro a way better investment. Especially when tokens are traded below nav as it is at the moment this was written.

Although I see little hope for a ICO hopping strategy. The stupendous days late 2017 are over and I think we will never see that again. This does not mean the ICO market is completely dead, good new projects will emerge but there wont be many and it might take a while before profit could be made from these investments. Astro is moving forward and continues looking how to invest the fund in other ways like more mid and long term trading.

The large part of illiquid tokens is a concern on short time view, but longer term there will be a moment most holdings good get liquidized hopefully with a profit.

Upcoming ASTRO Payment

Wednesday September 30th 2020

If you hold Astro during snapshot in any erc_20 supported Ethereum Wallet like MyEtherWallet, Nano Ledger S, Trezor or any other (except any exchange) you will receive your pay out automatically.

Last 10 ASTRO Payments
DateDividendIndicated Yield
Div DayPrice

See all payments
ASTRO ICO and token details

Ico started2017-09-20
Ico ended2017-10-25
Ico PriceICO price was $1 However there was a presale with 30% discount and 20% discount for early adapters
Ico Price$0.80000000
Ico NAV$0.55071239
Ico ETH0.01000000 ETH
Total Raised
+8500 ETH was raised from over 1800 investors. Ether was around $300 at the day ICO ended. 4 million tokens were distributed to holders. 1.5 million tokens were airdropped after first pay out. The remaining 1.5 million tokens will be sold by Astro. Maximum 187.5 K per quarter can be sold and be added to the fund.
Total supply7,000,000.0000
Circulating supply5,703,748.0000
Payout currencyEthereum

ASTRO related links

Astro Telegram@astronautofficial
Portfolio Trackingcointracking.info

Rating: 2.9/5 (3930 stemmen)

ASTRO market value
Last traded ASTRO price:$0.24129874
In ETH: 0.00011022 ETH
In BTC: 0.00000653 BTC
1 ETH: 9,073.00231572 ASTRO
1 BTC: 153,245.36516212 ASTRO
ETH / USD: 2,189.30 USD
BTC /USD : 36,977.91 USD

Source Etherscan
Last trade: 2020-10-30 03:46:06
0.6248 ASTRO @ 0.0006248 ETH
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