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Bankera is a more than any crypto-currency exchange as Bankera will in the future offer proper bank solutions such as IBAN accounts, payment cards, payment processing not only for cryptocurrencies but also for cash, payment cards etc. Most importantly Bankera will offer loans and deposits to allow its clients to get interested rates on their holdings or to borrow at a preferable rate. So Bankera aims to become a bank for the blockchain era.

The first product Bankera launched was SpectroCoin, a crypto brokerage service running since the start of Bankera. All the dividend till Jan 2019 came from SpectroCoin revenue. The Bankera Exchange launched in Jan 2019. TO become a complete bank is work in progress.

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Bankera Payout Structure

Bankera pays 20% of the transaction net revenue earned by Bankera and SpectroCoin and paid to BNK token holders on a weekly basis. The payments revenue reflects the revenue from transaction fees, payment processing, card issuance, loans and foreign exchange.

Some basic revenue and dividend examples.
Dividend  Dividend 
$100,000,000$0.001831 $54,620,880,945$1.00
$10,000,000$0.000183 $10,924,176,189$0.20
$5,000,000$0.000092 $8,193,132,142$0.15
$3,333,333$0.000061 $5,462,088,095$0.10
$2,500,000$0.000046 $2,731,044,047$0.05
$500,000$0.000009 $1,638,626,428$0.03
$250,000$0.000005 $546,208,809$0.01

Bankera dividend calculator

Bankera dividend payouts are calculated by this formula ((20% Profit ) / circulatingsupply = payout per BNK.
You can calculate what you would earn with your BNK and also how many profit is needed to get a certain amount of profit sharing by entering the numbers below and press "Calculate".

Profit Bankera makes in a month $
Amount BNK you own  
Total dividend you are aming for in a month$
Display currency  

Bankera results current dividend period

Disclaimer: At this point in time there is no way for me to track the revenue.

Bankera all time progress
Lifetime Bankera Performance (116 dividend periods).
Total Average 
Dividend Per Token$0.00044649$0.00000385
Dividend per Token in ETH 0.00000108 0.00000001
USD Value now if you kept the ETH$0.00000000$0.00000000

Bankera profit breakdown
Bankera Yields
Dividend yields are the ratio between annual payment(s) and price.

Indicated Annual Yield last dividend ($0.000000 per BNK)
The indicated annual yield is the ratio between annual dividend and token price.
((last div * annual payments) / price) x 100%
Indicated yield with dividend day price ($0.00):1.571899%
Indicated yield with current price ($0.00): 1.571899%
Indicated yield with ico price ($0.02): 0.085474%
Average Annual Yield ($0.000001 per BNK)
The average annual yield is the ratio between the dividend average of last 12 months and token price.
((avg dividend * annual payments) / token price) x 100%
Average yield with dividend day price ($0.00): 2.619075%
Average yield with current price ($0.00): 2.619075%
Average yield with ico price ($0.02): 0.142416%
Average Yield overall ($0.000004 per BNK)
The average yield is the ratio between the all time dividend average and token price.
((avg dividend * annual payments) / token price) x 100%
Average yield with dividend day price ($0.00): 17.782008%
Average yield with current price ($0.00): 17.782008%
Average yield with ico price ($0.02): 0.966920%

What does a 1.57% yield mean? Simple you need 100 / 1.57 = 63 years and 9 months with the same dividend to earn your investement back if you buy the tokens now with current price. The higher the yield the faster you earn back your investement.
BNK Performance vs BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH and NEO

Would you have done better investing in the big crypto coins instead of buying Bankera?
Table below gives an overview if you had the choice to invest $1000 at the ICO ending or any given day.

Crypto Open price Nr coins for $1000 Current price Current $ value percentage%
Bankera ICO price$0.020748,309.1787$0.0011$75.9461*-92.41%
* Dividend included (Value BNK + total dividend)
If you want to compare Bankera prices form a specific date, just select one and click the 'Performance' button

My view on Bankera

I never felt attracted to Bankera. What I relay dislike about Bankera is their reporting. Dividend reporting on the blog.bankera.com most of the time at least a week behind.

Dividends are low and declining for over a year. There was a very small growth spike after they finally started their exchange in 2019. But with only a few coins traded there they have a long way to go. I also did not understand why they added Hanbitco as an exchange in March 2019. It will result in even less BNK trading at its own platforms.

The Telegram chat is not maintained from spam and containing a non-existing community.

Upcoming Bankera Payment

Tuesday December 31st 2019

If you hold BNK on Bankera Exchange or SpectroCoin you will get your weekly payment automatically in your Ether wallet there.

If you hold BNK in any erc-20 supported Ethereum Wallet like MyEtherWallet, Nano Ledger S, Trezor or any other where you control the private keys (except exchanges) you have to claim your dividend through a smart contract. See here how to do that and use this Contract ABI code.

Last 10 Bankera Payments
DateDividendIndicated Yield
Div DayPrice

See all payments
Bankera ICO and token details

Ico started2017-11-27
Ico ended2018-02-28
Ico Price$0.02070000
Total Raised
Raised $150,949,194
Total supply25,000,000,000.000000
Circulating supply10,924,176,189.000000
Payout currencyETH

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Rating: 3.2/5 (232 stemmen)

BNK market value
Last traded BNK price:$0.00112559
In ETH: inf ETH
In BTC: inf BTC
1 ETH: 0.00000000 BNK
1 BTC: 0.00000000 BNK

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