What is Nexo


Nexo is a financial institution (the crypto branch of Credisimo, a large loaning company in Europe) and currently generates operating revenues from interest on crypto loans. 30% of all profit will be distributed to token holders as dividends.

You can also make passive income stalling stable coins on the Nexo platform. Nexo offers an 6.5% annual interest paid daily.

Nexo provides crypto owners with a great way to unlock the value of their holdings and get access to instant cash (in over 40 fiat currencies) by borrowing against their assets instead of selling them. Basically it’s a crypto pawn shop.

Nexo partners with the largest and word renowned custodian BitGo to secure all crypto assets. BitGo is backed by Goldman Sachs and is Cryptocurrency Security Standard Level 3 as well as SOC 2 compliant. The CCSS Level 3 requires multiple actors for the all-critical actions. Advanced authentication mechanisms are employed to ensure authenticity of data, and assets are distributed geographically and organizationally.

More about the Nexo token distribution can be found on the Nexo website

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Nexo Payout Structure

70% from the company’s Net Profit will be reinvested back into the company to fund more crypto loans, and a fixed 30% from the Net Profit is paid out as dividend to the eligible NEXO Token holders in the given dividend period.

Nexo uses an innovative dividend-distribution methodology that will reward long-term investors in Nexo resulting in a dividend profit-sharing to be split into two parts:
Base Dividend — paid out to all eligible token holders proportionally to their NEXO Token holdings;
Loyalty Dividend — paid out individually for each NEXO Token based on how long it has been in the Nexo Wallet from one ex-dividend date to the next. The share of the Loyalty Dividend will be no less than 1/3 of the total dividend amount to be distributed in any given period.

The Loyalty Dividend will be based on an asset-weighted average number of days, in which NEXO investors retain their tokens in their Nexo Wallets during the period related to the dividend distribution. You are free to move in and out of your Nexo Wallet any portion or your entire NEXO Tokens balance whenever you want. Ultimately, the Nexo Oracle takes an automatic snapshot of the available NEXO Token balance in each Nexo Wallet at 0:00 each day. On the ex-dividend date, the closing balances on each date are added up and divided by the actual number of days during the period in order to determine each user’s pro rata participation in the Loyalty Dividend pool.

Dividend is only paid to eligible token holders who will also receive proportionally the dividends of all ineligible token holders.

To receive dividend, NEXO Tokens must be held/staked in your Nexo Wallet at platform.nexo.io at the ex-dividend date, which is 10 days prior to the dividend distribution date. NEXO Token holders also must go through the advanced user verification (upload passport / driver licence / ID card) before you can receive dividends

Dividends are calculated in USD and paid in your Nexo Wallet in BTC and/or ETH and/or NEXO Tokens and/or USD stable coin, whichever creates greater value for NEXO Token holders at the given moment, which will be decided by Nexo.

At this moment it is still unknown ???!!! when the next payments will be. I expect it to be twice a year and if so, the next payment will be in July 2019


Nexo dividend calculator

Nexo dividend payouts are calculated by this formula ((30% Profit ) / 560000011.00000000 = payout per Nexo.
You can calculate what you would earn with your Nexo and also how many profit is needed to get a certain amount of profit sharing by entering the numbers below and press "Calculate". This calculator does not take the loyalty dividend into account (yet).

Profit Nexo makes in a month $
Amount Nexo you own  
Total dividend you are aming for in a month$
Display currency  

Nexo results current dividend period

Disclaimer: At this point in time there is no way for me to track the total amount of outgoing loans. Neither can I track repaid loans, I can only track the outgoing loans in USDT and not in fiat. Therefore the following dividend calculations are a brute estimate.

Based on the first dividend payment a 3M profit was booked. Annual report also suggest there was 300M processed in the 7 months of operation in 2018. 300M / 200 days = 1.5 million a day. If this was all outgoing loans it would compound to a 10M profit for the past period with 16% annual interest. With 8% interest (repayment with Nexo tokens) it still would be 5.3M profit. So this 300M numbers must include about 60% repaid loans. The numbers also suggests outgoing FIAT loans are about a factor 5:1 to outgoing USDT loans.

Outgoing loansToday Since last dividend Since the beginning 
Loans in USDT $0$1,828,603$70,269,696.00
Nr Loans 057331,551.00
Daily Interest (annual 16%) $0$802$30,803.15
Daily Interest (annual 8%) $0$401$15,401.58

USDT outgoing loans are updated from Omniexplorer on several addresses.

Outgoing USDT $70,269,696.00 loans with a 1: factor vs fiat loans = $421,618,176.00 outgoing loans in total.
With % repaid loans total open loans in USD = $168,647,270.40
With % annual interest, daily interest = $55,445.68

Daily interest $55,445.68 * 1032 days since last dividend = Total amount of interest received : $57,219,939.63

Nexo return of investment

30% of the $57,219,939.63 ) received interest will be paid as dividend

Dividend eligible profit ( $17,165,981.89 )related to next dividend payouts

Based on current profit, this is what we will receive at next pay outs:
Nexo dividend with $57,219,939.63 profit:
1 Nexo1000 Nexo25000 Nexo10000 Nexo
This calculations do not take the loyalty dividend into account (yet)
To get a $1000 dividend you need 32,623 NEXO tokens with $17,165,981.89 total dividend.
With 10000 NEXO total dividend needs to be $39,200,000.77 to get a $1000 dividend.
Nexo loans progress this dividend period.
Nexo all time progress
Lifetime Nexo Performance (3 dividend periods).
Total Average 
Dividend Per Token$0.01326909$0.00442303

Nexo profit breakdown
Nexo Yields
Dividend yields are the ratio between annual payment(s) and price.

Indicated Annual Yield last dividend ($0.006995 per NEXO)
The indicated annual yield is the ratio between annual dividend and token price.
((last div * annual payments) / price) x 100%
Indicated yield with dividend day price ($0.15):4.663255%
Indicated yield with current price ($0.10): 6.994883%
Indicated yield with ico price ($0.10): 6.994883%
Average Annual Yield ($0.006995 per NEXO)
The average annual yield is the ratio between the dividend average of last 12 months and token price.
((avg dividend * annual payments) / token price) x 100%
Average yield with dividend day price ($0.15): 4.663255%
Average yield with current price ($0.10): 6.994883%
Average yield with ico price ($0.10): 6.994883%
Average Yield overall ($0.004423 per NEXO)
The average yield is the ratio between the all time dividend average and token price.
((avg dividend * annual payments) / token price) x 100%
Average yield with dividend day price ($0.15): 2.948687%
Average yield with current price ($0.10): 4.423030%
Average yield with ico price ($0.10): 4.423030%

What does a 6.99% yield mean? Simple you need 100 / 6.99 = 14 years and 4 months with the same dividend to earn your investement back if you buy the tokens now with current price. The higher the yield the faster you earn back your investement.
NEXO Performance vs BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH and NEO

Would you have done better investing in the big crypto coins instead of buying Nexo?
Table below gives an overview if you had the choice to invest $1000 at the ICO ending or any given day.

Crypto Open price Nr coins for $1000 Current price Current $ value percentage%
Nexo ICO price$0.100010,000.0000$0.1000$1,132.6909*13.27%
* Dividend included (Value NEXO + total dividend)
If you want to compare Nexo prices form a specific date, just select one and click the 'Performance' button

Nexo Loans

• Loans have an average annual interest rate of 16%.. Unless you pay back or back your loan with Nexo tokens
• No minimum loan repayments are required, as interest is debited automatically from your available credit limit;
• You can make repayments at any time. You can repay all or some of your loan early at any time (just like you do with your credit cards) and you could save interest - as you only pay interest for the days you borrow;
• There are no hidden fees (compared to Application, Administration, Membership, Late Penalty, Gas, Legal Fees and etc. of other lending platforms);
• You can make repayments using USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD or crypto, including the collateral in your Nexo Wallet (ex. pay with part of your collateral assets and get the rest back/retain the ownership of the rest);
• Should the client consider that his crypto asset has met his price target; he can place an order with the Nexo Oracle to sell a fraction of the crypto assets stored in his wallet to repay his outstanding balance in part or completely;
• After each loan repayment, the Nexo Oracle self-executes and the Loan limits are automatically increased;
• Loans repaid in less than 30 days after the withdrawal, will be charged interest for the full 30 days;

My view on Nexo

2019-03-14 Nexo does understand the loan market and have a good working product, The biggest thing I hate is the fact that for over a year now they still don’t know the dividends intervals. “We will assess which distribution intervals are achievable from an accounting and operational standpoint. Corporations around the world customarily handle dividend distributions on an annual basis. In the best interest of our investors, Nexo is committed to introducing more frequent dividend payments where operating results and industry standards permit.”. The website mentioned monthly dividends once, after pointing out there is a difference, they adjusted the website. We also missed a quarterly payment this month. So I think it ends up twice a year. But it is still unknown.

Nexo may seem to understand the loaning market but failed to see how the crypto world seems to function. Well all the other tokens here pay daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Please Nexo don’t think you know it all and perform better only comparing yourself with traditional companies.

Another example is the underestimating volatile climate of crypto. Dividend is paid 10 days after the cutoff date. The only payment, in Nexo, saw a huge drop (almost 40%) in crypto between the ex-dividend day and the actual payment. I hope they consider keeping the profit in USD and buy the crypto to be distributed closer to the actual payment date. Crypto is volatile 10 days is just too long. Or better pay dividend with a stable coin.

Nexo is not very transparent in their communication. Admins keep quoting the same stuff for over a year. For example the credit card should be available before end of last year. Even at December 30th the still quote it should be end of the year. I also do not like the lack of reporting, making it very hard to predict the loaning progress and therefore dividend and token price…. And ultimate the decision to invest in Nexo. We need more (financial) data…… standard reply: “Such will be prepared in accordance with the international accounting standards. Don't forget to follow us on these channels, so that you don't miss any important updates:”

Upcoming Nexo Payment

Most likely Aug 2021

To receive dividend, NEXO Tokens must be held/staked in your Nexo Wallet at platform.nexo.io at the ex-dividend date, which is 10 days prior to the dividend distribution date. NEXO Token holders also must go through the advanced user verification (upload passport / driver licence / ID card) before you can receive dividends

Last 10 Nexo Payments
DateDividendIndicated Yield
Div DayPrice

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Nexo ICO and token details

Ico started2018-03-06
Ico ended2018-04-01
Ico Price$0.10000000
Total Raised
Raised $50,075,000
Total supply1,000,000,000.000000
Circulating supply560,000,011.000000
Payout currencyETH / BTC / NEXO / USD

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Rating: 2.8/5 (2753 stemmen)

NEXO market value
Last traded NEXO price:$0.10000000
In ETH: 0.00004568 ETH
In BTC: 0.00000270 BTC
1 ETH: 21,893.04026800 NEXO
1 BTC: 369,779.13524460 NEXO
ETH / USD: 2,189.30 USD
BTC /USD : 36,977.91 USD

Source CoinMarketCap.com nexo
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