What is RCF


RCF is a closed-end crypto fund, built on an Ethereum smart contract.

The fund invests and trades in the top 100 most liquid cryptocurrencies.

The fund is pegged against USD. At the end of each month, the USD profits will be converted in ETH and sent to the token holders after deducting a performance fee.

USD will be a base currency for the fund. The fund will trade on Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kraken with USD/USDT being a base currency.

Unlike other funds, there are no management/operations fee for the fund. The fund charges a performance fee of 20% on the profits made and 80% of the profits will be shared back to the investors in ETH terms. At the moment no fees will be taken if fund does not perform below 30%.

RCF tokens are not being traded on any exchanges (although you can trade any ERC-20 token on Etherdelta). But the fund allows monthly redemption of the tokens - you can send your RCF tokens to a contract and get your investment + initial capital back at the end of every month.

Conservative aim is 15% per month.

January update:
- $150,000 of the fund this month will be used to invest and flip smaller coins where we have 5-10x or more potential.

- RCF will start market making and arbitrage trades for low risk returns with the capital that we are not using to trade. At its maximum, the fund will not have more than 75% direct long or short exposure.

- After the 2nd ICO RCF tokens where reminted. The old RCF with contract address 0x4e1d9a76c688a6dfca4c692f1b9c5be2d2d88311 is now useless. The new contract address is 0x0dc28ced73c972a7b4759192c9fd000dbb05f715 (4 decimals) (don’t buy the old ones if see them for sale somewhere)

- Since March 2018 Fund also allocates a part for forex, stocks and commodities trading

Rohan Telegram channel is currently closed for early investors and invitational only. When legal fund starts there will be a public channel. RCF website is in development
RCF will migrate into BCF, a fully licensed fund, in May 2018. There will be an extra ICO investment round

RCF payout structure

The fund will charge a performance fee of 20% on the profits made and 80% of the profits will be shared back to the investors in ETH terms according to the white paper. At the moment Rohan is not taking fee as long as he does not hit a 30% profit margin this month. I

If 200% is reached profit will be split in half, paying 50% as dividend and 50% as fund growth. This will continue until Rohan decide otherwise.

In case of a monthly loss, the management team shall not charge any fees and no dividends will be paid that month

RCF keypoints

• USD will be a base currency for the fund. The fund trades on Bitfinex, Bittrex, Binance and Kucoin with USD/USDT being a base currency.

• A small part of the fund ($150,000) is used to invest and flip smaller coins where we have 5-10x or more potential.

• Fund has semi high risk factor. Trading also based on win / loose reward ratio's

• Running the fund currently is mainly to build the trust and relations to migrate slowly to the legal fund in May

• Trades are monitored 24/7. Rohan does the trading but someone is watching ongoing trades during the night

RCF future roadmap

• The fund will announce an expansion, after it is able to generate consistent monthly returns. Reinvestments will be allowed after the fund is able to perform consistently. Fund expansion will be at NAV for new investors. First expansion will happen at Jan 2nd 2018 with a 2 million hard cap for the fund. A 3rd an final round was held February 28th.

• The fund will look into setting up a legalized fund in Singapore and details of which will be shared later during the expansion. Paperwork already in progress. This legal fund will also trade forex, stocks and commodities. Legal fund will start around May 1th 2018. No further investment rounds before. Legal fund will have a 15-20 million hardcap.

• The fund plans to generate hedged risk-adjusted monthly returns for the investors and plans on being one of the leading crypto funds in future with a total fund size over 100 million in a few years.

RCF current trading period
Fund start in March : $6,151,138.00
Current fundsize : $7,535,163.00

Latest Daily Update

Daily Trading Update - 21st March,2018

The fund is up by 22.5% for the month.

The net Asset Value stands at $7,535,163

Value per token stands at $13.77

The earlier open shorts were closed with a small loss and had opened a 30 BTC long which was closed.

The fund has 55 BTC, 230 ETH , 100 NEO, 200 LTC short positions open.

Return of investment

Current total profit this month: $1,384,025.00.
Related to fund at the beginning of this month ($6,151,138.00) Profit margin 22.5%
Related to fund since yesterday ($7,521,092.00) Profit margin 0.19%
Related to fund after ICO closed ($583,814.00) Profit margin 237.07%

Current RCF Fund size

Total fund at the moment RCF NaV per token 

Current profit related to next dividend payouts

Based on current profit, this is what we will receive at next pay outs:

RCF dividend with $1,384,025.00 profit
1 RCF100 RCF1000 RCF5000 RCF

Indicated Yield based on last dividend and current NAV tokenprice

(most recent dividend x # dividendpayments a year) / Tokenprice
($2.5890583375159260260221613065 * 12) / $13.771532746662 = 225.600887%

Current Indicated Yield based on current dividend standings and NAV tokenprice

(current dividend x # dividendpayments a year) / Tokenprice
($2.0235947766172 * 12) / $13.771532746662 = 176.328501%

Current Yield

current dividend / Tokenprice
$2.0235947766172 / $13.771532746662 = 14.694042%

RCF dividend calculator
RCF dividend payouts are calculated by this formula (Profit * 0.80 ) / 547155.00000000 = payout per RCF.
20% is taken of montly profit as performance fees. The remaining 80% is distributed back to the investors.

You can calculate what you would earn with your RCF and also how many profit is needed to get a certain amount of profit sharing by entering the numbers below and press "Calculate".

Profit RCF makes in a month $
Amount RCF you own  
Total dividend you are aming for in a month$
Display currency  
RCF fund progress past 35 days
RCF Performance vs BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH and NEO

Would you have done better investing in the big crypto coins instead of buying RCF?
Table below gives an overview if you had the choice to invest $1000 at the ICO ending or any given day.

Crypto Open price Nr coins for $1000 Current price Current $ value percentage%
RCF ICO price$4.6400215.5172$13.7715$4,173.5028*317.35%
* Dividend included (Value RCF + total dividend)
If you want to compare RCF prices form a specific date, just select one and click the 'Performance' button

Upcoming RCF Payout

Saturday March 31st 2018

If you hold RCF in any erc-20 supported Ethereum Wallet like MyEtherWallet, Nano Ledger S, Trezor or any other (except EtherDelta) you will receive your pay out automatically.

Last 10 RCF Payouts
DateDiv per RCFIndicated Yield

Lifetime payout $5.59352023 per RCF.

Fundsize at start new period $6,151,138.00
Dividend Yields
Indicated yield current price: 225.600887%
Indicated yield ico price: 669.584053%
Current yield current price: 18.800074%
Current yield ico price: 55.798671%

The indicated anual yield is the ratio between annual dividend and token price.
((last div * annual payments) / price) x 100%

The current yield is the ratio between last dividend and token price.
(last dividend / token price) x 100%
RCF ICO and token details

Ico started2017-11-21
Ico ended2017-11-26
Ico Price100 RFC for 1 ETH
Ico Price$4.64000000
Ico NAV$4.64000000
Total Raised
In total 1,295.05 ETH was raised during a short ICO -> 583,814 USD after first ICO. ETH prices rose before trading started leaving a $4.64 NAV when trading started. Fund size before 2nd ICO was $1,021,029. 2018.64 ETH was raised dureing the 2nd at $860 rate, values at $1,736,030.40. The new fund starts with $2,757,059.40 leaving a $7.83 NAV when trading started.
Payout currencyEthereum

RCF Markets


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Reactions on RCF
LocktotheMOON wrote:
maart 2nd 2018 14:29
waardering: 5.0/5Rating: 5.0
Hi Guys, love the fund. Been reading about it for a while. Just entered the XRFC on time. If there is anyone who is willing to sell a small amount of RFC to me, please let me know.

Greetings !

Chiel wrote:
januari 7th 2018 01:51
waardering: 5.0/5Rating: 5.0
Best investment I made. Only thing I did wrong initially, not investing more.

Thanks to Estonian for inviting me in a very early stage and props for Joelle for putting this site together. A site where one can find some true crypto space pearls.

Thumbs up

Tomo wrote:
januari 4th 2018 15:51
waardering: 5.0/5Rating: 5.0
By far the best crypto fund I know. The ability to generate profits on both bullish and bearish markets is outstanding.
Yash Jaiswal wrote:
december 27th 2017 05:20
waardering: 5.0/5Rating: 5.0
Best crypto trading fund.
Estandar wrote:
december 23rd 2017 11:05
waardering: 5.0/5Rating: 5.0
One of my better investments for the year, amazing risk adjusted returns, and handled the crash extremely well.
Disciplined hands at the wheel.
The numbers speak for themselves.

Olusola Fajobi wrote:
december 16th 2017 04:47
waardering: 5.0/5Rating: 5.0
Those is really cool.
Great job man.

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