What is SIFT


Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) is a closed-end day-trading cryptocurrency and forex hedge fund based on volume analyses and proprietary trading algorithms with a proven track record over 10 years in forex. Sift started as a crypto only fund but migrated very soon to forex. Most trades in 2018 where forex and has the main focus since.

SIFT a trading fund based on proprietary volume analysis techniques known as Smart Volume Analysis that have been developed over the last decade. Despite being a well-known name within forex trading markets, Smart has only recent started to promote its algorithms within the cryptocurrency space and is now offering an investment vehicle that brings its combination of human trading and artificial intelligence to blockchain technology. Human oversight and control of all trades, artificial intelligence is used only to enhance, rather than replace, decades of human expertise.

Token holders are not only eligible for dividend, they have also voting rights when Sift sees the need to change things.

Despite profit, but not nearly approaching the 4% a month described in whitepaper, Sift has a disappointing first year as it turns out mainly due to discovered flaws in the new Smart version. Also some bad decisions where took to increase profit. Token holders have voted yes on things like position building, market making, arbitrage and bot trading.

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SIFT Payout Structure

Dividends will be paid out of the fund each month (first Sunday) when the fund has made a profit on that month.
SIFT pays 85% generated monthly profit back to its investor, Half by fund growth, half by paying out monthly dividends in ETH. 15% is taken of monthly profit as fees since January 2019. If there was no profit then no management fees will be charged and no dividend is paid.
No fees were taken until December 2018 and all profit was paid to token holders.

Some basic profit examples and dividend.

Dividend  Dividend  Dividend 
20% ($318,407.37)$0.1872 $1,000,000$0.5879 $1,701,024$1.00
10% ($159,203.69)$0.0936 $250,000$0.1470 $561,338$0.33
4% ($63,681.47)$0.0374 $100,000$0.0588 $425,256$0.25
2% ($31,840.74)$0.0187 $50,000$0.0294 $255,154$0.15
1% ($15,920.37)$0.0094 $20,000$0.0118 $85,051$0.05
0.5% ($7,960.18)$0.0047 $5,000$0.0029 $17,010$0.01

Smart Investment Fund Token dividend calculator

SIFT dividend payouts are calculated by this formula ((Profit * 0.85 ) / 2) / 722935 = payout per SIFT.
15% is taken of monthly profit as fees. The remainder is divided by 2.
One part goes into fundgrowth the other part will go back to the investors.

You can calculate what you would earn with your SIFT and also how many profit is needed to get a certain amount of profit sharing by entering the numbers below and press "Calculate".

Profit SIFT makes in a month $
Amount SIFT you own  
Total dividend you are aming for in a month$
Display currency  

Sift results current dividend period

May fund start: $1,592,036.87 ($2.20)
Current fund size: $1,584,758.51 ($2.19)

Sift trade overview current period. To see all trades goto Sift Trades
Type# trades #winning trades Profit 
Crytpo trades000%0.00
Bot trades000%0.00
Forex trades22100.00%1,516.10
Forex bot trades000%0.00
Forex 2 trades645078.13%-21,687.35


Updates are taken from http://reports.smartift.com (updated once an hour)

Return of investment

Current total profit this month: $-20,171.25.
Related to fund at the beginning of this month ($1,584,758.51) Profit margin -3.18%
Related to fund after ICO closed ($1,436,867.45) Profit margin -3.51%

Open Crypto from position building and bot testing

Coinnr TokensAvg buy priceTotal buycurrent pricecurrent valueProfitdiff%


Still Open Forex trades also from bot testing

Source MyFxBook, this number is the difference between balance and equity

Current SIFT Fund size minus floating positions (-$-26,024.15)

Total fund at the moment SIFT NaV 5000 SIFT  

Current profit ( $-20,171.25 ) related to next dividend payouts

Based on current profit, this is what we will receive at next pay outs:

1 SIFT100 SIFT1000 SIFT5000 SIFT

To get a $1000 monthly dividend you need -84,329 XSFT tokens with current estimated profit.
With 5000 XSFT profit needs to be $340,204.71 to get a $1000 monthly dividend.

Extrapolated profits over the month ( $-22,332.46 ) related to next dividend payouts

Based on extrapolated profit, this is what we will receive at next pay outs:
1 SIFT100 SIFT1000 SIFT5000 SIFT

To get a $1000 monthly dividend you need inf XSFT tokens with current estimated profit.
With 5000 XSFT profit needs to be $340,204.71 to get a $1000 monthly dividend.
SIFT Fund progress during this dividend period
Sift all time progress
Lifetime Sift Performance (34 dividend periods).
Total Average 
Dividend Per Token$0.27146978$0.00798441
Dividend per Token in ETH 0.00082321 0.00002421
USD Value now if you kept the ETH$1.80224863$0.05300731

SIFT profit breakdown
SIFT Yields
Dividend yields are the ratio between annual payment(s) and price.

Indicated Annual Yield last dividend ($0.002666 per XSFT)
The indicated annual yield is the ratio between annual dividend and token price.
((last div * annual payments) / price) x 100%
Indicated yield with dividend day price ($0.80):3.999000%
Indicated yield with current price ($2.34): 1.368173%
Indicated yield with ico price ($2.34): 1.368173%
Average Annual Yield ($0.004993 per XSFT)
The average annual yield is the ratio between the dividend average of last 12 months and token price.
((avg dividend * annual payments) / token price) x 100%
Average yield with dividend day price ($0.80): 7.490125%
Average yield with current price ($2.34): 2.562588%
Average yield with ico price ($2.34): 2.562588%
Average Yield overall ($0.007984 per XSFT)
The average yield is the ratio between the all time dividend average and token price.
((avg dividend * annual payments) / token price) x 100%
Average yield with dividend day price ($0.80): 11.976608%
Average yield with current price ($2.34): 4.097544%
Average yield with ico price ($2.34): 4.097544%

What does a 1.37% yield mean? Simple you need 100 / 1.37 = 73 years and 0 months with the same dividend to earn your investement back if you buy the tokens now with current price. The higher the yield the faster you earn back your investement.
XSFT Performance vs BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH and NEO

Would you have done better investing in the big crypto coins instead of buying SIFT?
Table below gives an overview if you had the choice to invest $1000 at the ICO ending or any given day.

Crypto Open price Nr coins for $1000 Current price Current $ value percentage%
SIFT ICO price$2.3383427.6611$2.3383$1,116.0971*11.61%
* Dividend included (Value XSFT + total dividend)
If you want to compare SIFT prices form a specific date, just select one and click the 'Performance' button

SIFT the first year

2019-02-20 I mentioned the disappointing first year, ending up with Guy leaving the company. The first year was one big Murphy’s Law. According to the whitepaper Sift would sell all ico ethers after the ico would end. At that specific moment there was a ether crash from $300 to $200 resulting in a smaller dollar wise starting fund.

In the December 2018 bull run the community was not happy with the amount of trades ending up in voted yes on things forex, trading position building, market making, arbitrage and bot trading to start trades when James (the trader) sleeps.

Also RAIF (Reserved Alternative Investment Fund) was started to move funds from London to Luxemburg to avoid 18% tax. The company http://www.coficom.lu did not deliver, RAIF was never realised and legal actions are ongoing.

Market Making and Arbitrage never came further than testing, and lost some money in the process, Position building was a huge disaster. When James was in the hospital Guy took over and build a crypto position over 500K worth at the moment, most of it at the top and way to fast averaging down. It has lost around 400K in value since.

Bot trading took also some heavy losses. The idea was to utilize the smart signals and start trades when James is not around during the night. After Guy left it turned out that the new adapted smart version had many flaws resulting in wrong signals. Bots fed with wrong data do wrong things, like going short when you have to go long.

See roadmap where to go from here.

Sift roadmap

After Guy has left the company and James is running Sift alone, now the waiting is for an written updated roadmap. In the chat, monthly reports and phone calls with James I have a pretty good idea in what direction it will go.

From October on after flaws in the software where identified work has started to correct the problems. A lot has fixed and the software is at a level James is comfortable with. Work is still in progress to verify all code.

At the moment funding the forex accounts has the highest priority. At least 400-500K is sitting idle in bank accounts ready to be wired to the forex account. When this is realized, more and larger trades can be done and we can expect a five till tenfold the current amount. With an office in London, a trader in the US, a bank account in Germany and a forex broker in Australia makes things a bit complicated. The German bank account is not completely handover from Guy to James due to stupid things like the a German access code is automatically added to phone numbers. Bit hard is you are waiting in the US for a code on your phone. Due to times zones response to tickets can take days.

But someday this issues are solved and bigger forex trades can happen and the focus can shift again to trade.

Bot trading to start trades is still in the picture. Is smart is working correct the bots should work as well. Problem with the bots in 2018 was that they got wrong data. Bot trading will not be active very soon. James first wants to generate some descents profits before he could take some time of to work with and test on the bots.

An extra trader is also considered, but I have the feeling James is leaning more forward to bots than training an additional trader.

Arbitrage could still happen and is not excluded from future plans.

If all failed to work the next 6 months token redemption or buy back construction will be offered, but not before Q3 2019.

Transfering OLD SIFT

Since March 2018 there are two tokens (SIFT and XSFT).

SIFT: 0x8a187d5285d316bcbc9adafc08b51d70a0d8e000 decimals 0
XSFT: 0x1d074266bca9481bdeee504836cfefee69092a28 decimals 6

Both tokens are eligible for dividends and the swap is not mandatory. The old SIFT had two problems. It doesn’t have decimals and transferring old SIFT requires huge gas limits.

You can swap old SIFT at zapple.com All you need to do is sending old Sift there to be destroyed and replaced by XSFT.

Zapple is Sifts internal trading platform. Trading on Zapple is feeless, but you do pay a 0.5 SIFT fee to swap the old SIFT to XSFT. If you send old Sift to zapple we recommend sending all your old SIFT at once instead of several. And all sift on Zapple is eligible for dividend, even if it is and open sell order.

Transfering old SIFT requires huge gas limit. See below.

• If you send OLD SIFT to an empty wallet, after you just bought it for example you need a huge gas limit. You also need a huge limit when you want to move all your SIFT from your wallet. If you want to send them to or from Etherdelta / Forkdelta you need to interact with the Etherdelta smart contract through MyEtherWallet. In this article you can read how. Be aware of the very high gas limits. Recommended limits in table below.

SenderRecipientSuggested gas limitCost @ 1 gweiCost @ 21 gweiCost @ 50 gwei
Sends ALL SIFTHas no SIFT5,000,0000.005 ETH0.105 ETH0.25 ETH
Sends ALL SIFTHas some SIFT4,500,0000.0045 ETH0.0945 ETH0.225 ETH
Sends some SIFTHas no SIFT750,0000.00075 ETH0.01575 ETH0.0375 ETH
Sends some SIFTHas some SIFT60,0000.00006 ETH0.00126 ETH0.003 ETH

This problem only happens with the old SIFT token (ticker SIFT) and not with the new SIFT token (ticker XSFT). And please sent all your old SIFT at a very low gas price (the gwei settings) . It still is a pain to my eyes seeing sift moved around at $60 – $250 transaction fees.

My view on Sift

2019-02-22 I might be a little biased in my statements, because I do work for Sift, exchanging thoughts with James on a regular basis and as a community manager in the Telegram channel.

No one can deny that Sift had a disappointing year. But I’m actually glad is was due to bad software and bad business decisions and not bad trading.

I still believe in a bright future for Sift but time will tell. Once forex accounts are funded with more money we will see. More shorter trades at the same time can happen as well as larger single trades. James is optimistic to see an easy 30K+ profit a month soon. But am I delusional and biased to believe him or will it happen.

Money was lost during testing new untested and unfamiliar grounds (position building, market making, arbitrage and trading bots) but money was made where it supposed to be, manual trading aided by smart. Trades in 2018 where more hunch than crunch as James will call it due to broken software, but they were (near) all profitable proving he knows his skills. Trades since January 2018 all with smart signals started to show some better results.

Upcoming SIFT Payment

Sunday September 6th 2020

If you hold Sift during snapshot in any erc_20 supported Ethereum Wallet like MyEtherWallet, Nano Ledger S, Trezor or any other (except any exchange) you will receive your pay out automatically.

Last 10 SIFT Payments
DateDividendIndicated Yield
Div DayPrice
* Divs postponed to next period;

See all payments
SIFT ICO and token details

Ico started2017-08-01
Ico ended2017-09-15
Ico Price100 Sift for 1 ETH. Raised fund converted to fiat with an average $233.83 ETH price.
Ico Price$2.33830000
Ico NAV$1.99000000
Ico ETH0.01000000 ETH
Total Raised
7229.35 ETH converted to $1,690,432.30 resulting in a $1,436,867.45 fund after the initial 15% operational costs are deducted
Total supply722,935.000000
Circulating supply722,935.000000
Payout currencyEthereum
Ticker OLD SiftSIFT
Decimals OLD Sift0
Contractadres OLD Sift

XSFT related links

Trade ReportingReports
MyfxbookSIFT FX trades
Logical Trading Systemslts.ai

Rating: 2.9/5 (4502 stemmen)

XSFT market value
Last traded XSFT price:$2.33830000
In ETH: 0.00106806 ETH
In BTC: 0.00006324 BTC
1 ETH: 936.28021503 XSFT
1 BTC: 15,814.01596222 XSFT
ETH / USD: 2,189.30 USD
BTC /USD : 36,977.91 USD

Source Zapple
Last trade: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
0.0000 XSFT @ 0.0000000 ETH
SIFT Exchanges



Any beer / donation is appreciated, thx!

ETH or any ERC-20 tokens:

If you want to donate any other coin. Contact me. I'm sure I have a wallet somewhere.
SIFT on Twitter
SIFT Blogs

Why you should buy Sift now!
why-you-should-buy-sift.jpgvr 8 jun; Sift is still very cheap, it even gets dumped below NAV sometimes. These are mostly from impatient investors, and I can’t blame them because Sift is still not producing the minimal 4% profit per month which they saw as a minimum mentioned in the whitepaper...


SIFT made first payout to investors
SIFT made first payout to investorszon 6 nov; SIFT made his first payout to investors. After a month with a bit off onset problems due to liquidity problems and the uncertainty of USDT. Profit was lower than expected also due to Chinese FUD and markets moving sideways. But there was $21,289...

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 SIFT trades current dividend period
May fund start: $1,592,036.87

All the crypto trades Sift made in the current dividend period (May).
Start trade Close trade Duration Pair Direction Avg Open Avg CLose Quatity Exposure Exp % Fees Profit Tax Profit Profit% 

Total trades: 0;    Total winning trades: 0total profit this period$0.00$0.00$0.00
Fund size after Crypto trades: $1,592,036.87

All the automated bot crypto trades Sift made in the current dividend period (May).
Start trade Close trade Duration Pair Type Avg Open Avg CLose Quatity Exposure Exp % Fees Profit TaxProfitPrf % 

Total trades: 0;    Total winning trades: 0total profit this period$0.00$0.00$0.00
Fund size after Crypto trades: $1,592,036.87

All the forex trades Sift made in the current dividend period (May).
Start trade Close trade Duration Pair Type Avg Open Avg CLose Quatity Exposure Exp % Fees Profit TaxProfitPrf % 
06-08 02:2002-23 20:4415d 18:24 hrsAUDUSDBuy$0.7622$0.79072.00$304.880.02 %$14.00$492.16$93.51$398.65130.75 %
10-26 08:3403-23 22:2725d 13:53 hrsGBPNZDBuy$1.9481$1.96323.00$1,168.840.07 %$21.00$1,379.57$262.12$1,117.4595.6 %

Total trades: 2;    Total winning trades: 2total profit this period$1,871.73$355.63$1,516.10
Fund size after Crypto trades: $1,593,552.97

All the forex bot trades Sift made in the current dividend period (May).
Start trade Close trade Duration Pair Type Avg Open Avg CLose Quatity Exposure Exp % Fees Profit TaxProfitPrf % 

Total trades: 0;    Total winning trades: 0total profit this period$0.00$0.00$0.00
Fund size after Crypto trades: $1,593,552.97
Total profit: $-20,171.25

All the nighttrader trades Sift made in the current dividend period (May).
Start trade Close trade Duration Pair Type Avg Open Avg CLose Quatity Exposure Exp % Fees Profit TaxProfitPrf % 
00-00 00:0000-00 00:0000d 00:00 hrsSell$0.0000$0.00000.00$0.000 %$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00NAN %
02-01 14:0402-01 15:5200d 01:48 hrsEURCADBuy$1.5474$1.54830.50$154.740.01 %$3.50$31.64$6.01$25.6316.56 %
02-01 21:3202-01 22:4100d 01:09 hrsGBPNZDBuy$1.9080$1.90940.50$190.800.01 %$3.50$46.22$8.78$37.4419.62 %
02-03 13:0002-03 16:3000d 03:30 hrsGBPUSDBuy$1.3642$1.36530.50$136.420.01 %$3.50$52.50$9.98$42.5331.17 %
02-09 17:0502-09 17:3400d 00:29 hrsEURCADSell$1.5421$1.53950.50$154.210.01 %$3.50$100.60$19.11$81.4952.84 %
02-09 16:0002-09 17:4600d 01:46 hrsEURNZDSell$1.6734$1.67200.50$167.340.01 %$3.50$47.14$8.96$38.1822.82 %
02-09 16:0302-09 17:4800d 01:45 hrsGBPAUDSell$1.7853$1.78570.50$178.530.01 %$3.50$-19.72$-3.75$-15.97-8.95 %
02-10 12:0102-10 13:1200d 01:11 hrsEURCHFBuy$1.0806$1.08040.50$108.060.01 %$3.50$-15.29$-2.91$-12.38-11.46 %
02-15 15:0202-15 16:4900d 01:47 hrsEURNZDSell$1.6785$1.67820.50$167.850.01 %$3.50$4.45$0.85$3.602.15 %
02-15 16:3502-16 15:2300d 22:48 hrsGBPUSDSell$1.3905$1.38980.50$139.050.01 %$3.50$31.78$6.04$25.7418.51 %
02-17 12:0702-17 12:2100d 00:14 hrsGBPCHFSell$1.2432$1.24160.50$124.320.01 %$3.50$85.30$16.21$69.0955.58 %
02-17 13:0102-18 12:0000d 22:59 hrsEURUSDBuy$1.2069$1.20720.50$120.690.01 %$3.50$1.90$0.36$1.541.28 %
02-22 14:1802-22 14:4900d 00:31 hrsGBPUSDSell$1.4034$1.40240.50$140.340.01 %$3.50$47.00$8.93$38.0727.13 %
02-22 16:1002-22 16:3400d 00:24 hrsGBPNZDBuy$1.9159$1.91680.50$191.590.01 %$3.50$29.07$5.52$23.5512.29 %
02-22 20:2402-22 23:4100d 03:17 hrsGBPCADSell$1.7744$1.77390.50$177.440.01 %$3.50$16.72$3.18$13.547.63 %
02-24 12:0002-24 13:0000d 01:00 hrsEURGBPBuy$0.8588$0.85900.50$85.880.01 %$3.50$10.65$2.02$8.6310.04 %
02-24 14:1102-24 15:1100d 01:00 hrsUSDMXNBuy$20.3863$20.39200.25$1,019.320.06 %$1.75$5.19$0.99$4.200.41 %
02-25 14:2002-25 15:1500d 00:55 hrsGBPAUDBuy$1.7715$1.77260.50$177.150.01 %$3.50$38.01$7.22$30.7917.38 %
02-25 15:0902-25 15:5900d 00:50 hrsEURUSDSell$1.2232$1.22140.50$122.320.01 %$3.50$86.00$16.34$69.6656.95 %
02-25 16:2502-25 17:3800d 01:13 hrsEURUSDSell$1.2220$1.22220.50$122.200.01 %$3.50$-15.50$-2.95$-12.56-10.27 %
03-04 13:1303-04 13:5800d 00:45 hrsEURSEKSell$10.1685$10.16220.50$1,016.850.06 %$3.50$33.75$6.41$27.342.69 %
03-08 11:2303-08 15:2400d 04:01 hrsEURSEKSell$10.1878$10.17840.50$1,018.780.06 %$3.50$51.66$9.82$41.844.11 %
03-08 16:0003-09 09:5200d 17:52 hrsEURUSDBuy$1.1871$1.18860.50$118.710.01 %$3.50$70.25$13.35$56.9047.93 %
03-09 18:0203-10 05:3000d 11:28 hrsAUDUSDSell$0.7696$0.76810.50$76.960 %$3.50$68.61$13.04$55.5772.22 %
03-10 15:0303-10 15:3100d 00:28 hrsGBPUSDBuy$1.3878$1.38890.50$138.780.01 %$3.50$49.00$9.31$39.6928.6 %
03-11 14:3603-11 15:1000d 00:34 hrsGBPNZDSell$1.9322$1.93020.50$193.220.01 %$3.50$68.84$13.08$55.7628.86 %
03-11 15:1603-11 17:5800d 02:42 hrsEURNOKSell$10.0907$10.08640.50$1,009.070.06 %$3.50$22.17$4.21$17.961.78 %
03-12 13:1903-12 14:4200d 01:23 hrsEURUSDBuy$1.1919$1.19290.50$119.190.01 %$3.50$44.50$8.46$36.0530.24 %
03-15 20:4903-16 01:5400d 05:05 hrsGBPAUDBuy$1.7928$1.79400.50$179.280.01 %$3.50$40.79$7.75$33.0418.43 %
03-16 13:0103-16 14:2300d 01:22 hrsEURGBPSell$0.8627$0.86220.50$86.270.01 %$3.50$35.30$6.71$28.5933.14 %
03-16 13:0103-16 14:2300d 01:22 hrsGBPUSDBuy$1.3827$1.38570.50$138.270.01 %$3.50$149.50$28.41$121.1087.58 %
03-18 12:0303-18 15:0200d 02:59 hrsEURGBPBuy$0.8554$0.85630.50$85.540.01 %$3.50$58.57$11.13$47.4455.46 %
03-22 19:0103-22 23:1500d 04:14 hrsEURGBPSell$0.8613$0.86101.00$172.250.01 %$7.00$22.11$4.20$17.9110.4 %
03-23 08:1803-23 19:3400d 11:16 hrsEURSEKSell$10.1848$10.17220.50$1,018.480.06 %$3.50$70.06$13.31$56.755.57 %
03-24 15:0903-25 12:4100d 21:32 hrsEURNOKBuy$10.1657$10.16860.50$1,016.570.06 %$3.50$1.72$0.33$1.390.14 %
03-29 16:0003-29 17:2300d 01:23 hrsEURGBPBuy$0.8528$0.85400.50$85.280.01 %$3.50$79.94$15.19$64.7575.93 %
03-31 18:0204-01 09:5900d 15:57 hrsEURGBPBuy$0.8517$0.85221.00$170.340.01 %$7.00$49.91$9.48$40.4323.73 %
04-07 17:1104-07 20:1000d 02:59 hrsUSDNOKBuy$8.4570$8.46040.50$845.700.05 %$3.50$16.83$3.20$13.631.61 %
04-08 13:0304-08 15:0200d 01:59 hrsEURSEKBuy$10.2035$10.20860.50$1,020.350.06 %$3.50$26.52$5.04$21.482.11 %
04-12 14:0104-12 17:3900d 03:38 hrsAUDUSDSell$0.7630$0.76170.50$76.300 %$3.50$62.00$11.78$50.2265.82 %
04-12 14:0104-12 17:5200d 03:51 hrsAUDUSDSell$0.7630$0.76210.50$76.300 %$3.50$43.50$8.27$35.2446.18 %
04-19 13:0104-19 13:5900d 00:58 hrsEURGBPSell$0.8665$0.86500.50$86.650.01 %$3.50$96.04$18.25$77.7989.78 %
04-19 13:0104-19 14:0900d 01:08 hrsEURGBPSell$0.8665$0.86550.50$86.650.01 %$3.50$62.62$11.90$50.7258.54 %
04-14 16:0404-20 20:0606d 04:02 hrsEURAUDBuy$1.5564$1.55630.50$155.640.01 %$3.50$-26.28$-4.99$-21.29-13.68 %
04-14 16:3504-20 20:0606d 03:31 hrsEURAUDBuy$1.5555$1.55630.50$155.550.01 %$3.50$8.90$1.69$7.214.63 %
04-21 14:0104-21 17:1900d 03:18 hrsUSDSEKSell$8.4586$8.44810.25$422.930.03 %$1.75$29.20$5.55$23.655.59 %
04-21 14:0104-21 17:1900d 03:18 hrsUSDSEKSell$8.4587$8.44810.25$422.940.03 %$1.75$29.62$5.63$23.995.67 %
04-21 01:1504-22 20:0001d 18:45 hrsEURUSDSell$1.2035$1.20092.50$601.730.04 %$17.50$622.58$118.29$504.2983.81 %
04-28 15:0304-28 16:4000d 01:37 hrsEURGBPSell$0.8698$0.86890.50$86.980.01 %$3.50$58.98$11.21$47.7754.93 %
04-28 15:0304-28 17:1000d 02:07 hrsEURGBPSell$0.8698$0.86940.50$86.980.01 %$3.50$26.38$5.01$21.3724.57 %
04-28 19:0204-29 19:0301d 00:01 hrsEURNOKBuy$9.9545$9.95770.50$995.450.06 %$3.50$3.19$0.61$2.580.26 %
05-03 16:0305-04 10:3800d 18:35 hrsAUDUSDSell$0.7736$0.77160.50$77.360 %$3.50$95.59$18.16$77.43100.09 %
05-05 15:0705-05 15:3200d 00:25 hrsGBPUSDSell$1.3918$1.38960.50$139.180.01 %$3.50$105.00$19.95$85.0561.11 %
05-05 15:0105-05 15:4100d 00:40 hrsGBPUSDSell$1.3910$1.39040.50$139.100.01 %$3.50$24.50$4.66$19.8514.27 %
05-07 13:1805-10 01:2902d 12:11 hrsEURGBPSell$0.8682$0.86741.00$173.630.01 %$7.00$102.93$19.56$83.3748.02 %
11-09 03:2005-26 05:1617d 01:56 hrsNZDCHFSell$0.6123$0.65241.00$122.460.01 %$7.00$-5,476.09$-1,040.46$-4,435.63-3622.23 %
05-06 20:0205-26 05:2319d 09:21 hrsEURUSDSell$1.2051$1.22492.00$482.030.03 %$14.00$-3,998.54$-759.72$-3,238.82-671.91 %
04-08 01:1005-26 06:1518d 05:05 hrsEURUSDSell$1.1870$1.22591.00$237.400.01 %$7.00$-3,911.73$-743.23$-3,168.50-1334.67 %
08-21 18:0305-26 06:5104d 12:48 hrsNZDCHFSell$0.5960$0.65390.50$59.600 %$3.50$-3,911.51$-743.19$-3,168.32-5316.25 %
04-01 14:0705-26 06:5524d 16:48 hrsEURUSDSell$1.1735$1.22600.50$117.350.01 %$3.50$-2,636.07$-500.85$-2,135.22-1819.53 %
04-01 14:0505-26 14:3325d 00:28 hrsEURUSDSell$1.1735$1.22330.50$117.350.01 %$3.50$-2,499.57$-474.92$-2,024.65-1725.25 %
05-18 20:1005-26 14:3307d 18:23 hrsNZDCHFSell$0.5862$0.65480.25$29.310 %$1.75$-2,343.02$-445.17$-1,897.85-6475.19 %
05-18 17:0105-26 14:3307d 21:32 hrsNZDCHFSell$0.5837$0.65480.25$29.190 %$1.75$-2,412.51$-458.38$-1,954.13-6695.68 %
05-18 16:0205-26 14:3307d 22:31 hrsNZDCHFSell$0.5815$0.65480.25$29.080 %$1.75$-2,473.91$-470.04$-2,003.87-6892.06 %

Total trades: 64;    Total winning trades: 50total profit this period$-26,774.51$-5,087.16$-21,687.35
Fund size after Crypto trades: $1,571,865.62

All the money transfer trades Sift made in the current dividend period (May).
Start trade Close trade Duration Pair Type Avg Open Avg CLose Quatity Exposure Exp % Fees Profit TaxProfitPrf % 

Total trades: 0;    Total winning trades: 0total profit this period$0.00$0.00$0.00
Fund size after Crypto trades: $1,571,865.62
Total profit: $-20,171.25

All the other trades Sift made in the current dividend period (May).
Start trade Close trade Duration Pair Type Avg Open Avg CLose Quatity Exposure Exp % Fees Profit TaxProfitPrf % 
02-01 21:0702-28 21:0727d 00:00 hrsotherSell$0.0000$0.00000.00$0.000 %$0.00$15,917.15$3,024.26$12,892.89INF %

Total trades: 1;    Total winning trades: 1total profit this period$15,917.15$3,024.26$12,892.89
Fund size after Crypto trades: $1,584,758.51
Total profit: $-20,171.25