What is SIFT


Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) is a day-trading cryptocurrency and forex hedge fund based on volume analyses and proprietary trading algorithms with a proven track record over 10 years in forex.

SIFT pays 85% generated monthly profit back to its investor. Half by fund growth, half by paying out monthly dividends in ETH.

SIFT a trading fund based on proprietary volume analysis techniques known as Smart Volume Analysis that have been developed over the last decade. Despite being a well-known name within forex trading markets, Smart has only recent started to promote its algorithms within the cryptocurrency space and is now offering an investment vehicle that brings its combination of human trading and artificial intelligence to blockchain technology.

SIFT aims to get a minimum retun of investment to be around 4% a month. This is a cautious pessimistic view in crypto world, but for sure archivable based on SIFTs experience and expertise in the forex market. The aim is much higher but the team won’t speculate on that.

SIFT Payout Structure

Dividends will be paid out of the fund each month (first Monday) when the fund has made a profit on that month.

SIFT dividend payouts are calculated by this formula ((Profit * 0.85 ) / 2) / 722935 = payout per SIFT.
15% is taken of monthly profit as fees. The remainder is divided by 2. One part goes into fundgrowth the other part will go back to the SIFT holders as dividend in the form of Ethereum at the first Monday of the month. If there was no profit then no management fees will be charged and no dividend is paid.

Some basic profit examples and dividend.

$1,701,023 profit $1 dividend per SIFT
$850,511 profit 50 cents dividend per SIFT
$567,007 profit 33 cents dividend per SIFT
$170,102 profit 10 cents dividend per SIFT
$100,000 profit 0.0588 cents dividend per SIFT
$57,475 profit     0.0338 cents dividend per SIFT

Go to the SIFT dividend calculator to see how many dividend you would receive.

SIFT Keypoints

• Fund can go long as well as short in crypto.

• Minimum estimated annual ROI of more than 40% via fund growth and dividends.

• SIFT is a democratic organization with voting on all major decisions about the fund’s future. (first votes has happened)

• Daily reporting of account balances and fund values.

• Low risk trading strategy. Trades are only started when all lights are on green.

• Human oversight and control of all trades – artificial intelligence is used only to enhance, rather than replace, decades of human expertise.

• Prudent reserve fund (20%) to ensure that the whole fund is never exposed at any point in time.

• More than excellent communication from the team (Guy Powell and James May) in the SIFT telegram channel moderated by one of the best in the business :-)

SIFT the downside

SIFT gaslimits

• If you send SIFT to an empty wallet, after you just bought it for example you need a huge gas limit. You also need a huge limit when you want to move all your SIFT from your wallet. If you want to send them to or from Etherdelta you need to interact with the Etherdelta smart contract via MyEtherWallet. In this article can you read how (better leave 1 SIFT in your wallet).
At this moment you need 4,000,000 limit to send all sift to an empty wallet and 3,500,000 limit to send all to a wallet with sift. Sending some sift to an empty wallet requires 700,000 limit

• SIFT does not trade during the night or in the weekends. A vote to use bots to start a trade when signals are good but James is not monitoring the charts is voted yes and implemented in January 2018.

• Fund had some liquidity issues when exiting trades and working hard on solutions. First month in full operation will be late December 2017 or January 2018. Till than the monthly 4% is unlikely to be made.

• Very low volume on Etherdelta. It is hard to buy or sell SIFT in large quantities. Most holders are in for the long time and are not selling.


Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) market prices

Current price$2.0297
24hr volume$0
Alltime High$9.299309/30/2017
Alltime Low$1.092601/02/2018
Past Hour$2.0297  $2.0297  $2.0297  +0.00%
Past Day$2.0297  $2.0297  $2.0297  +0.00%
Past Week$2.0297  $2.0297  $2.0297  +0.00%
Past month$3.1245  $4.6666  $1.3071  -35.04%
Past quarter$3.4638  $8.2269  $1.0962  -41.40%
Past year$4.4346  $9.2668  $1.0962  -54.23%

Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) prices past hour


Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) prices past day


Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) prices past week


Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) prices past month


Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) prices past quarter


Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) prices past year


Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) all time prices

Sift results current dividend period
March fund start: $1,543,195.61

All the crypto trades Sift made in the current dividend period (March).
FundStart tradePairAvg OpenExposureQuatityProfit
 DurationTypeAvg CLoseExp %FeesTax

$1,543,195.61(current fund, profits added after trades)total profit this period$0.00
Total trades: 0;    Total winning trades: 0

All the Forex trades Sift made in the current dividend period (March).
FundStart tradePairAvg OpenExposureLotsProfit
 DurationTypeAvg CLoseExp %FeesTax
$1,543,195.6102-28 20:45EURUSD$1.2207$488.282.00$650.32
 01d 01:10 hrsBuy$1.22430.03 %$14.00-$123.56
$1,543,722.3703-02 00:04USDCAD$1.2832$513.282.00$98.28
 00d 02:35 hrsSell$1.28250.03 %$14.00-$18.67
$1,543,801.9803-02 00:02AUDUSD$0.7757$310.282.00$230.00
 00d 02:37 hrsBuy$0.77690.02 %$14.00-$43.70
$1,543,988.2803-02 22:41USDJPY$105.7140$422.862.00$4.92
 00d 00:52 hrsBuy$105.72400.03 %$14.00-$0.93
$1,543,992.2603-05 20:11USDCAD$1.2973$518.902.00$1,249.43
 00d 18:41 hrsSell$1.28910.03 %$14.00-$237.39
$1,545,004.3003-07 17:25AUDUSD$0.7814$312.552.00$52.00
 00d 00:04 hrsSell$0.78100.02 %$14.00-$9.88
$1,545,046.4203-07 17:25EURUSD$1.2397$495.882.00$58.00
 00d 00:04 hrsSell$1.23930.03 %$14.00-$11.02
$1,545,093.4003-07 17:33EURGBP$0.8933$357.322.00$258.32
 00d 00:46 hrsSell$0.89230.02 %$14.00-$49.08
$1,545,302.6403-08 00:01EURUSD$1.2410$496.422.00$154.00
 00d 05:11 hrsSell$1.24020.03 %$14.00-$29.26
$1,545,427.3803-07 18:31EURGBP$0.8921$356.852.00$26.03
 00d 10:41 hrsSell$0.89200.02 %$14.00-$4.95
$1,545,448.4603-08 06:02EURUSD$1.2406$496.222.00$36.00
 00d 01:17 hrsBuy$1.24080.03 %$14.00-$6.84
$1,545,477.6203-05 20:11USDJPY$106.1970$424.792.00$349.14
 03d 05:13 hrsBuy$106.37300.03 %$14.00-$66.34
$1,545,760.4303-07 18:31USDJPY$106.1630$424.652.00$401.58
 01d 06:53 hrsBuy$106.37300.03 %$14.00-$76.30
$1,546,085.7103-08 06:01USDCAD$1.2882$515.272.00$857.30
 01d 12:20 hrsSell$1.28260.03 %$14.00-$162.89
$1,546,780.1203-14 17:01EURUSD$1.2357$617.832.50$405.00
 00d 04:42 hrsBuy$1.23740.04 %$17.50-$76.95
$1,547,108.1703-15 01:08GBPUSD$1.3962$698.112.50$937.50
 00d 11:36 hrsSell$1.39240.05 %$17.50-$178.13
$1,547,867.5403-15 01:02NZDUSD$0.7308$730.765.00$615.00
 00d 13:26 hrsSell$0.72950.05 %$35.00-$116.85
$1,548,365.6903-15 20:04USDCAD$1.3050$652.492.50$15.07
 00d 01:01 hrsSell$1.30480.04 %$17.50-$2.86
$1,548,377.9003-19 05:18USDCAD$1.3103$655.162.50$867.08
 00d 09:56 hrsSell$1.30570.04 %$17.50-$164.75
$1,549,080.2403-19 05:18USDCAD$1.3103$655.142.50$821.01
 00d 09:56 hrsSell$1.30590.04 %$17.50-$155.99
$1,549,745.2503-20 22:06EURUSD$1.2255$612.762.50$172.00
 00d 10:24 hrsBuy$1.22630.04 %$17.50-$32.68
$1,549,884.5703-21 09:01USDCAD$1.3024$651.222.50$-17.50
 00d 00:05 hrsBuy$1.30240.04 %$17.50+$-3.33

$1,549,870.40(current fund, profits added after trades)total profit this period$6,674.79
Total trades: 22;    Total winning trades: 21

Return of investment

Current total profit this month: $6,674.79.
Related to fund at the beginning of this month ($1,543,195.61) Profit margin 0.43%
Related to fund after ICO closed ($1,436,867.45) Profit margin 0.46%

Current SIFT Fund size

Total fund at the moment SIFT NaV 

Current profit ( $6,674.79 ) related to next dividend payouts

Based on current profit, this is what we will receive at next pay outs:

1 SIFT100 SIFT1000 SIFT5000 SIFT
Dividends in this table are without the 15% fee because SIFT is not taking fee yet

Indicated Yield based on last dividend and current NAV tokenprice

(most recent dividend x # dividendpayments a year) / Tokenprice
($0.0149323575538740801216497911 * 12) / $2.1438585748373 = 8.358214%

Current Indicated Yield based on current dividend standings and NAV tokenprice

(current dividend x # dividendpayments a year) / Tokenprice
($0.0046164515482028 * 12) / $2.1438585748373 = 2.584005%

Current Yield

current dividend / Tokenprice
$0.0046164515482028 / $2.1438585748373 = 0.215334%

SIFT dividend calculator
SIFT dividend payouts are calculated by this formula ((Profit * 0.85 ) / 2) / 722935 = payout per SIFT.
15% is taken of monthly profit as fees. The remainder is divided by 2.
One part goes into fundgrowth the other part will go back to the investors.

You can calculate what you would earn with your SIFT and also how many profit is needed to get a certain amount of profit sharing by entering the numbers below and press "Calculate".

Profit SIFT makes in a month $
Amount SIFT you own  
Total dividend you are aming for in a month$
Display currency  
SIFT Performance vs BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH and NEO

Would you have done better investing in the big crypto coins instead of buying SIFT?
Table below gives an overview if you had the choice to invest $1000 at the ICO ending or any given day.

Crypto Open price Nr coins for $1000 Current price Current $ value percentage%
SIFT market opening$4.4300225.7336$2.0297$491.6239*-50.84%
SIFT ICO price$2.3383427.6611$2.0297$931.4006*-6.86%
SIFT ICO NaV$1.9900502.5126$2.0297$1,094.4191*9.44%
* Dividend included (Value SIFT + total dividend)
If you want to compare SIFT prices form a specific date, just select one and click the 'Performance' button

Upcoming SIFT Payout

Monday April 2nd 2018

Those that hold SIFT at Monday April 2nd will be eligible for dividends.

Snapshot will be taken around 10:00 GMT.

If you hold Sift during snapshot in any erc_20 supported Ethereum Wallet like MyEtherWallet, Nano Ledger S, Trezor or any other (except any exchange) you will receive your pay out automatically.

Last 10 SIFT Payouts
DateDiv per SIFTIndicated Yield

Lifetime payout $0.14819393 per SIFT.

Fundsize at start new period $1,543,195.61
Dividend Yields
Indicated yield current price: 8.828314%
Indicated yield ico price: 7.663187%
Current yield current price: 0.735693%
Current yield ico price: 0.638599%

The indicated anual yield is the ratio between annual dividend and token price.
((last div * annual payments) / price) x 100%

The current yield is the ratio between last dividend and token price.
(last dividend / token price) x 100%
SIFT ICO and token details

Ico started2017-08-01
Ico ended2017-09-15
Ico Price100 Sift for 1 ETH. Raised fund converted to fiat with an average $233.83 ETH price.
Ico Price$2.33830000
Ico NAV$1.99000000
Total Raised
7229.35 ETH converted to $1,690,432.30 resulting in a $1,436,867.45 fund after the initial 15% operational costs are deducted
Payout currencyEthereum

SIFT Markets


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SIFT made first payout to investorszon 6 nov; SIFT made his first payout to investors. After a month with a bit off onset problems due to liquidity problems and the uncertainty of USDT. Profit was lower than expected also due to Chinese FUD and markets moving sideways. But there was $21,289...


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