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Target is a crypto hedge fund. But what they trade no one knows, how large the fund is, no one knows and it is not even clear what the circulating supply of tokens is and how many are eligible for dividend, no one knows. They changed from quarterly dividends, to monthly and after 2 months they changed to buy back (no one knows how many where bought back in total) for a few months and changed back to dividends again. How often they do pay dividend....You guessed no one knows but if I have to guess I would say quarterly.

I only mention Target here on my website as a warning and to be complete. Every investment in TGT coins I regard as a pure gamble..... good luck!

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Target Payout Structure

I don't know. It should be 85% of all profit and 15% performance fee, but not a clue if it is quarterly or monthly now. They changed so many times and generated no profit for a long time.


TGT Performance vs BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH and NEO

Would you have done better investing in the big crypto coins instead of buying Target?
Table below gives an overview if you had the choice to invest $1000 at the ICO ending or any given day.

Crypto Open price Nr coins for $1000 Current price Current $ value percentage%
Target market opening$0.029034,529.1944$0.0000$86.4486*-91.36%
Target ICO price$0.040025,000.0000$0.0000$62.5910*-93.74%
Target ICO NaV$0.0000inf$0.0000$inf*inf%
* Dividend included (Value TGT + total dividend)
If you want to compare Target prices form a specific date, just select one and click the 'Performance' button

My view on Target

2019-05-01 How many tokens are there? There are 2,000,100,000 minted tokens and should be 952,429,892 in circulating supply. 400 million are for pre ico investors, 260 million are hold by management, 15 million used for bonus and bounties. Its add up to 675M leaving about 277 million sold during ICO one would say.

If you look at the ICO address 0xe9e1E3414800886d5210a3F726947387F662ba2A you see there was 33,645.3988529764 ether incoming, with a 0.000133 ETH price per Target this would result in 252,972,923.70658947368421052631579 tokens. Close to 277 million it should be. BUT and a very big BUT at the last day of the ICO 1600 ether (around the total raised at that point) was sent to this address 0x751e979c7b44ed11d41dd883113c8163f5bb8ec8 and back to the ICO smart contract address generating more TGT tokens. This happened 21 times!!!!!!!

The only reply about this in telegram was at 3 Nov 2017 “ We has people who worked with us. Maybe they had access to this address and did the main transfers. We didn’t know about this. We came to know about this today.”

How many tokens are burnt during the buy back period? They provided this address 0x24E9131340021496072A2cfb6aF22115967b2B54 it has 644,493.4 tokens in it coming from CoinExchange .Also they did the first buy backs on HitBTC despite saying they would not 8 May 2018 “The buy-back will not be happening on HitBTC as we plan to de-list our coins from that exchange.” But after the fact on 13 May 2018 “So buybacks would take place on hitbtc. We would use HitBtc till the time they don't delist us.” And in the end the only address provided was from Coinexchange, almost funny

To combine how many tokens are burned and how many tokens there are (eligible for dividend) . If you know the correct answer please let me know.

How large is the fund? Based on that CoinExchange buy back address and the latest screenshot showing 5% profit one could do the math .

44,493 TGT at the time of the buyback $0.01245 market price TGT on April 2018. 644,493 * 0.01245 = 8023.93. 5% = 8k -> 100% = 160k The reply from TGT “We use different addresses for for different purposes all the time. Although your math checks out, we have received quite a lot from pre ico investors etc. Which let to the increase in fund sizes.”

One could do the same math to the actual payments, but with the messing up with quarterly to monthly and being very vague when was what and what percentage fund increases belong to that payments and the uncertainty about the number of tokens eligible for dividend there are just too many parameters missing.

If pre ico investors paid indeed 3 cents per token and they got 400 million the fund should be 12 million from there. But if you only look at the 1626 ether that was raised for real with an $350 avg ether price that equals to a $569,100 fund. Already much closer to that calculated 160K.

How much is left. Well since it is impossible to say how large the fund was it’s impossible to say how large it is now. We get a weekly image in the chat saying “the fund performance for this week = -30%”….. Although weekly, most of the times you have to ask about it, at the moment I write this the last update was from 9 April. But if you ask for it an apology will follow and a new image is posted soon after. Other questions like the big ones above are never answered.

The latest statement they made was from 19 Feb 2018 with a promise to close it in 2 years if they do not perform “the fund had been selling off their positions for the past couple of months. The fund still has invested in other cryptos. All of them are big hitters. We have spoken to and invested after speaking with the management of certain cryptos. We are under obligations to not liquidate our tokens according to certain contracts and we are eligible to liquidate after a year. This is why we can't liquidate a huge chunk like it's an easy click of a button. And yes the fund is reconsidering to pay dividends once bitocoin or certain alt coins have reached certain price. If the fund doesn't perform as well in the next 24 months. The fund will liquidate immediately. And all the investments and other assets will be sold and the amount would be give back to the Investors and/or token holders.”

And what about the payments that actual has happened. The first one was at 11 December 2017. All of the sudden they say they would pay the quarterly dividends in a 12 week spread. But after 4 weeks it turned into to two weeks interval twice followed by each month for two times before the whole buy back thing started and stopped and we never saw dividend again so far. All this changes makes me believe they have huge liquidity problems why else spread the dividends out in the first place. I think it was just to please the token holders for a few weeks months longer and cover up the mess they are creating.

Upcoming Target Payment

No one knows when and if

If you hold TGT during snapshot in any erc_20 supported Ethereum Wallet like MyEtherWallet, Nano Ledger S, Trezor or any other (except any exchange) you will receive your pay out automatically.

Last 10 Target Payments
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Target ICO and token details

Ico started2017-07-15
Ico ended2017-08-31
Ico PriceOn the ICO the TGTCoin price will be - ETH 0.000133( US $ 0.04).
Ico Price$0.04000000
Ico ETH0.00013300 ETH
Total supply2,000,100,000.0
Circulating supply276,000.8
Payout currencyETH

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Rating: 2.6/5 (2352 stemmen)

TGT market value
Last traded TGT price:$0.00000175
In ETH: 0.00000000 ETH
In BTC: 0.00000000 BTC
1 ETH: 1,251,030,872.45714283 TGT
1 BTC: 21,130,236,299.69142532 TGT
ETH / USD: 2,189.30 USD
BTC /USD : 36,977.91 USD

Source CoinMarketCap.com target-coin
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