What is XRCF


IMPORTANT MESSAGE July 7th 2018: There’s an XRCF-BCF merger happening after the end of this month , where we will spin off the current ICO holdings with a separate value and airdrop BCF equivalent to dollar amount holding for XRCF. ICO and hodl has never been my strength. Market conditions are not good and Xan is taking a break from cryptos. Also, because most coins are going down, most of the shorts profits goes into covering losses of those hodl bags. More details in a few days. July 31th 2018: Total NaV of XRCF as of Today stands at $3,032,191, out of which $190,625 are ICO holdings. Total USD holding of the fund stands at $2,841,566. Value per XRCF before the merger stands at $12.128 Each XRCF holder will be air-dropped 1.0059 BCF token for every XRCF within a week’s time. As the ICOs are liquidated, the dividends would be paid out for XRCF and the fund will be fully liquidated.

XRCF is an ICO investing fund, that will invest in the seed stage and pre-ICO stage at a discounted token price in promising ICOs. The fund will also invest in marketing of the companies to create liquidity and push the price higher.

Average time frame for an investment from entry to exit will be 2-6 months. XRCF will identify and invest in only those opportunities where an exit is possible within 6 months time period. If a token does not get listed, the fund will liquidate it in the secondary market. Investments will range from 50 - 400 ETH

USD will be a base currency for the fund. The capital not being invested will be kept in ETH,NEO, BTC, Waves, LTC in a bull market and in USD,USDT during a bear market. The fund will not actively trade and will not short, but in a bear market, will convert the cryptos into fiat and vice versa. Although the fund does not active trading shorts the fund sometimes go short, around dividend day for example, to hedge dividend payment against down going market.

XRCF is a two man team. Rohan Rathod (see also BCF page) and Xan Ashley an early investor in BCF and a successful ICO picker. Most investors came from BCF. In the BCF chat investors wanted a separate ICO fund and so XRCF was born and sold out in a day. XRCF is unproven and Rohan is not as experienced with ICO investing as with day trading.

XRCF is traded on Forkdelta, but it is with only 250,000 token and mostly long term holders a token hard to buy. Not many sell offers appearing.