Free Crypto Currency

Free Crypto Currency

You can even get crypto for free! Absolutely for free! No catch attached. It probably won’t make you rich but you never know.

Just get it for free!

If you like the concept of a basic income… It is now in crypto! Swiftdemand started a universal basic income project that looks promising. It is already complete with a web shop where you can buy and or offer services and products for Swift tokens. All you need to do is sign up and provide an email address, home address and phone number. After phone is verified you receive 100 sift tokens a day.

Another Basic Income startup is Mannabase Already trading on

You have companies like Qoinpro. Their main goal it to introduce crypto to the masses. Free Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Litecoin, Neo and others. It’s less than a cent a day, but hey it’s free money. Create an account and look at it in 5 years or when your kids go to college or when you are close to your pension. You can invite your friends also to join the crypto world and get bonusses. Let the world go crypto. But I have my doubts with qoinpro, website is in update mode for months now...


A lot of altcoins are distributed through an airdrop. In general you provide a wallet address and an email address or bitcointalk username. Or follow a twitter group or telegram channel or such. And sometimes you don’t have to do anything. Tokens are dropped on a regular basis when you hold some ether in your wallet. And remember…. In 2010 you could get 5 Bitcoin for free via airdrop (now worth over $50,000. Also Decred (over 30$ now) dropped some tokens. Even coins possibly dead in a few years like eBTC, made 4 ETH with my dropped tokens and the free BLUE I got is worth over $250 now. I think it’s a nonsense coin and sold it.

You can follow my twitter, if I come across one I will mention it there, not looking hard for them but I get tipped once and a while. Also is a place were you can find them.

Phone mining apps

I also explored some phone mining apps. Please contact me (with proof) if you found one actually paying.
I clicked the hell out of it and watching commercials for hours but did not received any Bitcoin


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