Pos Tokens

Pos Tokens

Proof of Stake (PoS) is basically getting interest over the amount of tokens you hold. In order to validate blocks or transactions some cryptographic puzzles need to be solved. The cryptographic calculations in PoS are much simpler for computers to solve in comparison to mining rigs: you only need to prove you own a certain percentage of all coins available in a given currency. For example, if you somehow owned 2% of a PoS coin, you’d be able to mine 2% of all transactions across that blockchain.

Interest pay outs / mining rewards often happen in the same tokens you stake but is not necessary.

See also the masternode page. Masternodes are sort of staking wallets on steriods

PoS tokens

2Give2GIVE5 %
808Coin80817 %
ABJcoinABJ15 %
AeriumXAEX8 AEX/Block
AllSafeASAFE215 %
SonoSONO50 %
ApollonXAP64 XAP/block
APR-coinAPR3 APR/block
AudioCoinADC18 %
B3CoinKB3100 %
Bean CashBITB48 %
BitBarBTB5 %
BitBayBAY1 %
Bit BlocksBBK1%
Bitcoin W SpectrumBWS9 %
BitRadioBRO5 %
BitvierBITV33 %
BlackCoinBLK1 %
BuzzCoinBUZZ10 BUZZ/Block
CalypsoCLP80 %
CenturionCNT3 %
CivitasCIV1.75 CIV/block
CloakCoinCLOAK6 %
ClubCoinCLUB20 %
ColossusCoinXTCOLX5 %
CommunityGenerationCGEN77 %
DeepOnionONION10 %
DeviantCoinDEV30 %
DextroDXO5 DXO / block
DiamondDMD25 %
DiviDIVX0.225 DIVX/block
DraftCoinDFT10 %
DroxneDRXNE40 %
EmercoinEMC6 %
EverGreenCoinEGC7 %
ExclusiveCoinEXCL36 %
FlutterCoinFLT5 %
ForceFOR19 FOR/block
French Digital ReserveFDR0.75 FDR /Block
Global Currency ReserveGCR5 %
HappyCoinHPC5 %
HempCoinTHC21 %
HiCoinXHI5 %
HoboNickelsHBN20 %
HtmlCoinHTML2 %
HuzuHUZU2.5 HUZU / Block
HyperStakeHYP40 %
IgnitionIC25 %
IncaKoinNKA94 %
InfluxCoinINFX8 %
IOCoinIOC4 %
LindaLINDA99 %
LUXCoinLUX50 %
MagiXMG5 %
MintCoinMINT5 %
MMOCoinMMO10 %
MojoCoinMOJO10 %
Monkey ProjectMONK365 %
Nav-CoinNAV5 %
NeuroNRO8 %
NoLimitCoinNLC24 %
NovacoinNVC100 %
NullexNLX3.8 NLX/Block
ObsidianODN10 %
OKCashOK5 %
OP-CoinOPC100 %
PandaCoinPND2.5 %
PeercoinPPC1 %
PhorePHR37 %
PinkCoinPINK100 PINK/Block
PrinteriumPRX50 %
QtumQTUM1 %
RadiumRADS25 %
ReddCoinRDD5 %
ReeCoreREEX10 %
RegalCoinREC10 %
RheniumXRH15 XRH/block
RupayaRUPX10 %
Social SendSEND50 %
SpectreCoinXSPEC5 %
StakeShareSSX0.19 SSX/block
SterlingCoinSLG5.5 %
StipendSPD8 SPD / block
StratisSTRAT1 %
StrongHandsSHND100 %
SyndicateSYNX5 SYNX/Block
TeslaCoinTES7 %
VCashXVC0.7 %
VeriCoinVRC1.5 %
VitalCoinVIT60 %
Win-coinWC3.5 %
WorxWORX2 WORX/block
x42x4220 x42/block
Experience-PointsXP30 %
Xuez CoinXUEZ1 XUEZ/Block
ZeitCoinZEIT25 %
Source: PosList.org. Do not stare blind on the ROI. If a coin is a worthless shitcoin you get worthless interest, 1000% of nothing is still nothing. ROI changes often and is not the most important factor. TheLazyCryptoInvestor does not research or recommend any of these tokens. Do your own research and invest at your own risk (and be wise don`t invest more than you can afford).

PoS more fair than PoW

PoS would be a more fair system than PoW, as technically anyone could become a miner. PoS offers a linear scale regarding the percentage of blocks a miner could confirm, since it’s based on that person’s stake in the cryptocurrency. That means someone with ten times more coins (e.g. - $10,000 vs. $1,000) would only mine ten times more blocks. Under PoW protocols, spending ten times as much money on mining hardware will produce higher computational power logarithmically, allow for more equipment due to the nature of reduced prices when buying in bulk, and might provide further advantages since highly expensive equipment often functions exponentially better than less expensive counterparts.

Switching to PoS could help to encourage more community participation in Ethereum, as well as aid decentralization. Taking mining out of the hands of the few pools of GPU farms doing the bulk of mining, which somewhat resembles an oligopoly, would distribute the work evenly across the network, leading to a more democratized system.


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